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Holiday weight? drink a glass of water

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  • Holiday weight? drink a glass of water

    If you're worried that all that summer exercise will be for not when you indulge this holiday season, try this simple little way of eating less while eating as much as you want: Drink a glass of water before you sit down to your decedant meal.

    With a fuller tummy the brain thinks it doesn't need much more food to satisfy the body. Then continue with your veggies and what I do is hit the dessert tray before the main heavy meats.

    By hitting the carbo's first you give your body the needed energy boost to digest the heavier foods (meats) when they arrive. This allows your body to digest more efficiently leaving less for fat buildup and keeps the Hawaiian Paralysis to a minimum.

    Also by hitting on the sugary desserts before the main dishes allow your body to become more alkaline allowing it to produce more digestive enzymes needed for a more complete digestive process when the heavier foods come down the pipe. When the body directs it's energy to digestion, that's when you become sleepy. So a more efficient digestive process allows you to stay more alert which gives you the opportunity to walk off what your stomach cannot digest instead of heading for that comfy couch.

    By leaving the meats last you fill your stomach with healthy food first leaving little room for the harder to digest meats. You eat as much as you want, but because you're full, you eat less.

    Drink water before any meal. This is also helpful advice for parents who have kids that love juice or soda. Make them drink that glass of water first then they'll tend to drink less on that second round (juice or soda).
    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.