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    Re: McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee NEW!!!

    Originally posted by flying snow
    Starbucks is doing this 'special coffee' every couple of months. It's a half pound for like $13, which is pretty damn pricey. BUT. We decided to try it out. Holy shiznit. It was some of the best damn coffee I've had in a loooong time. Well worth the price. It became our weekend coffee (rather than an every day coffee). It's their Black Apron Exclusives... First of the year was called Kenya Kirinyaga...excellent stuff. March 14th is the next batch...called Rwanda Blue Bourbon.

    Never buy coffee ground, always buy it in whole bean, then grind it yourself. Makes every pot fresh and tasty.

    We have a store here on the east coast called Wawa, and they recently started doing a 'special coffee'. It sucks. Too watered down. There's a coffee shop in Philly called The Bean, on South St. If you're ever there, I highly recommend it. If you want a really tasty cold drink, go for the mocha bean's my favorite.
    Thank you for helping keep the value of my SBUX stock appreciating! You can also find SBUX beans on eBay sometimes.
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