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Blasphemy: I'm No Longer a Guinness Man

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  • Blasphemy: I'm No Longer a Guinness Man

    I'm sorta disappointed in myself to come to this decision (or realization), but I think Newcastle is my preferred brew. It just goes better with food, you know? I mean with real food. I suspect this is because Guinness is really a food itself; this may be why I think it's better with snacks, like fries or nachos or wings. With a meal, though, I don't find that it adds anything, and in fact sometimes distracts.

    Newcastle, meanwhile, is wonderfully flavorful and slightly more drinkable (as compared to Guinness, which practically requires a spoon) and pairs well with all kinds of great food ('though the heartier the better).

    So the next time you and I sit down to a good meal, order me a Newcastle. I'm converted.
    But I'm disturbed! I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I GOT IT ALL! (George Costanza)

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    Re: Blasphemy: I'm No Longer a Guinness Man

    Newcastle is very drinkable. My time in northern California made me into an Anchor Steam man, though.


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      Re: Blasphemy: I'm No Longer a Guinness Man

      i gotta be hungry as well as thirsty to handle a Guinnes.
      speakin of which, was ovah Waiks side da odda day and popped into Arnold's bar saratoga. da wahine sez get guinnes kine at 2 bux! I said shoots! Chance um!

      She explains its Buds new beer. I see it's basically a knockoff of Guinnes, Figured at 2 clams a hit, worth a try! But i was still high and dry.
      Needed a regular beer to wash that mollasses down.
      The tap handle is an elaborate plastic bronze color model of a 1920's boxer dude....
      Newcastle IS better, too...