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Southern Food in Hawaii?

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  • Southern Food in Hawaii?

    My wife, a.k.a. Kilinahe, is from Florida. She's also eight months pregnant. She had cravings for southern food before, but now it's a matter of life or death (my life or death!). So I turn to the kaukau kibitzers of the web: where can we get decent southern food in the islands?

    Dixie Grill? Not bad at all, and we're regulars. But we haven't tried much else.

    Any reviews or tips on Kevin's Two Boots? Apart from the gator they were serving at Taste of Honolulu, we know nothing (but the gator wasn't bad). How about Deb's Southern Comfort in Kailua? Rave reviews once upon a time, but a coworker says they're not the same since they moved/remodeled.

    Anything else out there?

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    Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

    I've heard good things about this place though I've not yet tried it out myself. Here's what the Honolulu Advertiser has to say (from their Hawaii's best restaurants editions)...

    "Molly's Smokehouse

    Texas-style barbecue, meats cooked low (in terms of heat) and slow (a looooong time), until they are smoky good and falling off the bone.

    Specialties: The smoked brisket is awesome, as are the chicken, ribs and sausages.

    Ambience: Rather plain interior; order food to go.

    FYI: 23 S. Kamehameha Highway, Wahiawa.
    11 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays.
    No reservations.
    VS, MC, DS. No checks. $$."

    As for me, if anybody happens to know of a restaurant that sells cornbread made in an iron skillet, in particular the NON-SWEET kind, or those lovely griddle cakes (again, the non-sweet) here on Oahu, PLEASE let me know!


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      Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

      Big thumbs up for Molly's.


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        Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

        Try Mom's Soul Food in Waipahu. Cheap, and SO good! Molly's is good, but not as good. Molly's has BBQ, but Mom's has catfish and Kool-Aid!

        "Mom's soul food restaurant has been open for a little more than four years. It's located in the Waipahu Shopping Center next to Love's Bakery on Leoku Street.

        Talk to customers, and they'll tell you this is real southern cooking.

        "Well, it's just like you would eat in the south. Home cooked southern food. We go to grandma's house, this is how it used to be," says Steven Kelly.

        "Oh and it's so delicious. I mean you just like your fingers it's so good. The chicken, the gravy, the sweet potato pie, the candied yams, the macaroni and cheese," says Marian Penn."
        (from KHNL)


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          Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

          Catfish and Kool-Aid? I am SO there!


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            Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

            Originally posted by pzarquon
            My wife, a.k.a. Kilinahe, is from Florida. She's also eight months pregnant. She had cravings for southern food before, but now it's a matter of life or death (my life or death!).
            I bet you wished she would just crave peanut butter and peaches sandwiches like a normal pregnant lady, right?
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              Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

              Naaaaaaa.....Sohthern food is Da kine.

              1. Sweet Tea

              2. Carolina B B Q

              3. Greens (the rice of the south) or Grits

              4. and da kine Smithfield Ham.

              Broke da mouth........
              95 4 banger - 04 Rubi


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                Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

                Kevin's Two Boots in Kailua. Unfortunately, it's now only a take-out restaurant now. They used to be sit-down and have live music. The ribs are to die for.


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                  Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

                  Well you know...technically speaking, Hawaii is the most Southern state in the Union so that would make our local food Southern and him a Northerner.

                  Oh man the last time I used that on a guy from Georgia, he politely reminded me that I'm lucky because he can't carry his shotgun in public here in Hawaii.
                  Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.


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                    Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

                    HI Allysther!

                    I tried Molly's about two years ago, and will probably never go back. Why? some RED bar-b-que sauce on pork and the pork tasted so bland, NOT a smoked or qued flavor at all, and the sauce was NOT Southern of any kind that I had ever known. I am native of South Central Texas, and I KNOW bar-b-que flavor. we assumed since she is also from South Texas that her food woudl taste as good as the smell coming from the pit, but it did NOT. I hope she has more than one sauce and we caught her on a bad week, but tell ya, hubby and I were so sure her stuff would rock that after hearing about her online, we drove there, spending more than a hundred for large packs of pork, brisket and chicken, and were so disappointed!! Hubby ques fantastic meats, and I'd be embarassed to even serve hers to others, compared to ours, no exaggeration. THEN, it hit me, oh no, people here think her food is Texan, Southern and good only cuz many of them haven't had the real thing.

                    San Antonio and South Texas is loaded with wonderful meats, meats some cook all night on the grill, etc. Even a place called "Bill Miller's" of South Texas, it's got a chain of probably a hundred places has much better food than Molly's meats, and I really thought about approaching her, and telling her that we expected food to at least be as good as Bill Miller's and hey gal, what is that RED sauce?? but I just figured I didn't want to totally insult her, and if she has good business, so be it.

                    I do hope to try a place or two that some of you have named here, besides hers.
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                      Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

                      Is the sweet potato pie guy still in Hawai'i Kai? (hey, it rhymes!)

                      I used to see him selling pies on the side of HI Kai Drive. Never tried one though.


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                        Re: Southern Food in Hawaii?

                        Kevin's Two Boots is no more.

                        Southern Swell in Makaha doesn't sound worth the drive (the blogger seems to have a mean streak though).

                        Uncle Bobo's in Kaaawa is disappointing, I've been told.

                        Deb's (old location) was my spot, but she retired long ago.

                        Mom's doesn't seem to have ribs.

                        Molly's was just OK the last time we went in '04, but not worth the drive.

                        Anyone know of a place on Oahu that still does all of the following: Real (not boiled) barbecued ribs, collard greens and hush puppies?
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                          Five weird Southern dishes that make others squeamish — and where to find them in Charlotte (

                          How bout some Possum stew?