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Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

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  • Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

    Just wondering, are these iddy biddy snacks thee greatest creation on earth?
    Will it outdo the carb craze?
    Are you full on one bag or ya go for two or more before your brain tells you STOP!

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    Re: Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

    I like them and I buy them for my kids. They only like the chips ahoy or oreos, so i get the cheese nips ones. I think the 90-calorie Quaker packs in cinnamon, peanut butter and chocolate are very good.
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      Re: Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

      Trader Joes has them for their Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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        Re: Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

        confession time: I hate to snack. It messes up my rhythms. I'd rather mop a good meal at breakfast, feel voracious at 11:30 and then mop again, and hold out until 6pm and eat again. I have read all the literature touting 5 mini-meals a day, but doing so doesn't flow with my soul. If I do snack, I am happiest with fruit.



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          Re: Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

          If nothing else, those snack packs show us how manini 100 calories can be...compared to, say, 100 calories of celery!


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            Re: Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

            I just got done eating one of the sweet ones, the Resses Snackster pack.

            I eat them a lot. Better the opening a whole big ol bag of chips or what ever. I could always go for more, but I find them quite satisfying when using as a side for a quick snack.

            I am not sure if there is a BJ's out there, but i know that wal-mart and costco have the bulk packs for a LOT cheaper then buying them in a grocery store.

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              Re: Those "100 Calorie Snack" Packs

              Majority of the 100 and under snack packs are satisfying to some degree....
              The only one that was good somehow but did not fill me up durin snack time frame was the RITZ line.....