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Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

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    Re: Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

    Read a twitter from PZ, they're going to HIGHWAY INN can't wait for the reviews, "RYAN STYLE."
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      Re: Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

      We went to Shiro's Saimin Haven. They had lau lau as the special today. So I had laulau and chicken long rice. It was good ... tasty. There was some fat in it. $7.50 for it. It included a big scoop of potato/spaghetti noodle style salad. I think the Hawaiian plate had kalua and cabbage with it.
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        Re: Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

        Well. Although our day got off to a rough start, lunch at Highway Inn turned out to be a great choice.

        It was kismet, I tell you, that we ended up there just because every place else was closed on Sunday. Because not only was Highway Inn open today, but they were celebrating their 60th birthday. As glossyp mentioned they were, yes, but specifically, today was "the" day. They had a giant cake with candles, sang and clapped, and gave everyone cake and ice cream. There was even a raffle for prizes.

        Of course, the food was great, too. Jen had the na'au pua'a, I had the laulau, the kids had the kalua pig combo. Our guest, a "LOST" fan from Ohio, went with the laulau (with poi!) and beef stew on the side. The pipkaula was, of course, a highlight. The lomi salmon was delicious too (though it still had ice in it!).

        Here's their official website. I guess the old one got nabbed by squatters. Great stuff! Congratulations, Highway Inn. Here's to the next 60 years.


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          Re: Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

          I know I am commenting a bit late on this thread, but heres my 2 cents anyways:

          I have eaten at all the places mentioned and I like all of them for their own special reasons. However Highway Inn holds a special place in my heart, memories, & opu

          I grew up eating there and have been there literally hundreds of times because my family used to eat there EVERY Thursday. Ho man! I dream of the dried pipikaula. If you haven't been there....GO NOW!!

          Also, somebody mentioned Laverne's which I used to cater my 40th birthday party. I have to say their food was ono too.

          Hands down the "bestest" laulau comes from Uncle Keoki who sells his homemade laulau during the weekends on Kahekili Hwy between valley of The Temples & Kahaluu. I loves me some Youngs Fish Market laulau, but this is even better than that!

          Go try 'um go!

          Oh good, now i made my self homesick AGAIN!!


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            Re: Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

            The poi bowl looks tasty 1stwahine!

            Some great links in all of these posts. Looks like my wife and I have to get out there and try some new places.

            Highway Inn is tops on the list.
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              Re: Hawaiian Food Restaurants?

              I just got back from driving down Kapahulu avenue, where I noticed Haili's Hawaiian Food opened a brick and mortar restaurant on the corner of Palani street and Kapahulu avenue (about halfway up from Ala Wai). They must have just opened, because I never noticed them there before, and I always drive in the area.

              As you probably know, Haili's pulled out Ward Farmers Market recently after their lease expired and was operating from a Lunch Wagon across Ward Entertainment Center. Now they finally have their own sit-down restaurant!

              So now you have several options for Hawaiian food in Kapahulu. There's Ono Hawaiian Food. If the line is backed up there (like it was today), then there's another lesser-known place up the street called Kapahulu Poi Shop. And now you can also hit Haili's.

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