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  • Ron Whitfield
    Re: Civil Beat

    prime examples of the insane hater BS they publish but polite / legit / factual responses of similar caliber are verboten;
    ''Did she really cite a New York Times article as legal authority? Are we to trust that these inmates are strictly adhering to best practices in preventing the spread of COVID-19? Poster children of following rules? Not a chance.''
    they allow liars to bait but refuse to let them be touched with truth unless it's sanitized to irrelevancy. cos gotta keep it civil.
    ''Prison officials “Botched” the Covid-19 response? Prisons and jails are not luxury hotels where one can expect nice clean sheets, daily cleaning and a mint on their pillow at night. Prisons and jails are designed for confining people who are either accused of crimes and being held awaiting trial.''
    how does a moderator with a brain think this garbage is fine, a legit manner to present as a discussion of merit?
    it's a shame there's no app to see the replies these comments mods won't publish. you know it likely sets the record straight.

    ''Another example of how the left, and the admin state have so infected our levels of gov't.''
    more partisan baiting by a well-known bullshitter who gets red carpet treatment, but don't you dare prove him wrong! lol
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  • Ron Whitfield
    started a topic Civil Beat

    Civil Beat

    it's by far the best news source in Hawaii, how sad. we got 0.
    ChadCo refuse to even mention the perilous plight of the Falls Of Clyde, this incredible, unique, irreplaceable gem is going to be lost on purpose. as our only voice of the people in Hawaii they're complicit in crimes of negigence and deceit by lying Bishop Museum who caused all this, the totally unresponsive Harbors Division / DOT, our AWAOL / MIA Gov. / Mayors, we don't even have a newspaper anymore to speak up. our legendary local columnest who originally saved the FOC, Bob Krauss, is spinning in his grave!
    CB's comments section is a pathetic joke, headed by Patti Epler, often allow real garbage by nutjobs, especially regarding politics which are typically rife with insane bullshit yet quelch legit / factual responses / posts to keep it honest and comply with their guidelines 100%. that's how they keep it civil? lol like all US media, stoking hate fires of the dedicated uninformed keeps things shitted up, making the news far more intere$ting. it's easy work.
    add to the mix traitor trumpet / island owner (HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN?) Larry Ellison who's now got his own Q newspaper waiting to stink things up further and we got a recipe for disaster overcooking in the oven. haven't seen much mention of this unacceptable BS on CB.
    as a way to pass the day reading CB is ok, but as anything that we need when we really need it, I call FAIL.