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one pissed off fillipino lady!

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  • one pissed off fillipino lady!

    all I can is.... OUCH!

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    Re: one pissed off fillipino lady!

    I would have done worse!


    I'm Filipino, Potorican, Cherokee Indian and Spanish.

    Yep! I would have done WORSE!

    She should have chopped it & put it in the garbage disposal so they wouldn't be able to reattach.

    Da nerve of them for arresting her!

    Wat? He got his manhood back...a bit shorter!

    Auntie Lynn
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      Re: one pissed off fillipino lady!

      good on her!

      i love the philippines.. and i love to spend time there.

      TONS of filipinas working & living in the Middle East.. and its almost legendary of many of the 'employers' who take on maids from the filipinas to think they can 'have their way with the women'.. some of those women end up back in the philippines in bodybags.

      Of course many also just go there and make good wages and send it home.. but for the ones who are brought over with the intention of a live-in fantasy for a saudi man or otherwise..

      good on her for making this international news and aware on this issue internationally.

      The scarey part is she is in police custody now.. and that won't be pretty at all.


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        Re: one pissed off fillipino lady!

        I've had aunties and cousins who worked abroad as maids to wealthy Arab men. Luckily, for them, their employers were kind individuals.

        Still, we hear about Filipino women who aren't as lucky...who get abused, raped/molested, even die. Yet these women still sign up because the promise of making $$$ to send back home is tempting.

        In a country where women are pretty much not worth sheee-it, this particular maid's future doesn't look too promising. Regardless of making international news, I doubt any kind of intervention will help her case.
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          Re: one pissed off fillipino lady!

          Choices, Choices, Choices. Life is all about choices. That has been the theme of this forum for several weeks now, it seems.

          Energy answers are already here.