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Superstitions: Moth

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  • damontucker
    Re: Superstitions: Moth

    Thanks for that explanation....

    I have always been told not to kill moths... but no one really explained why.

    At UH HILO you would see HUGE MOTHS all the time!
    Someone would be clung to walls for days at a time!

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  • Pomai
    started a topic Superstitions: Moth

    Superstitions: Moth

    It's been said that when a large black moth appears, it symbolizes a deceased loved one who is visiting. Or, it embodies the reincarnation of that deceased person.

    Well, my father recently passed away, and coincidentally a black moth came to "visit" us last night. Here it is...

    It wasn't large though. It's actual size is about 1" in wingspan. Speaking of wingspan, doesn't it resemble the design of the B2? lol I must say, it's quite impressive looking!

    What's your take on this superstition? What culture(s) does it derive from?