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  • Happy Easter

    Just wanted to be the first one to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Any Easter traditions you hold dear? Anyone coloring their eggs? Recommended tips or tricks?

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    Re: Happy Easter

    We dye eggs and hide them all around the house (weather forbiding outside)
    I used red onion skins last year that was cool.
    Kind of a tye dye affect.

    Then the year before we used permanent marker because the kids were too young to dip....That in theory was good...the cleanup??..not so good. hehehe

    This year...plain dye with vinegar. and a B*TTload of stickers.
    No hassle for mom who is trying to keep things clean for selling the house.

    We used to go to church with family every year. But we quit.
    Since when is psycho a bad thing??
    Sharing withother survivors...


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      Re: Happy Easter

      crayons or wax before dyeing.
      pinholding/drilling the top and bottom and blowing out the yolk?
      Aquaponics in Paradise !


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        Re: Happy Easter

        Easter's fun for the littlest ones. My arteries are probably clogged beyond repair as I've eaten every single last egg my mom made or that I had ever won in a fight. Never did we waste one ounce of the precious protein haha. My kid is just the right age to go on her first egg hunt so we're very excited about that. Onion skins are great but we use regular dye too. We also slap on some fancy European Easter stickers that look like they were painted on. That's one "tradition" If we're feeling artistic, sometimes we like to tie stuff like parsley leaves to the eggs while they're boiling - for pattern. After they're done it's nice to rub them a little with smoked bacon (the kind you don't need to cook lol) so they get a nice shine. Red beet peel gives a lovely color. Some kinds of tree bark and roots give wonderful colors but that's high art (i.e. I have to ask mom). Basil leaves are also nice for pattern (mixed with parsley). Clover as well. Basically stuff that's pretty, clean and edible Patterned tissue paper works too. I kinda forgot how that one goes. It involved egg whites. Never bothered with wax but I've seen some works of art done that way.


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          Re: Happy Easter

          At our annual Easter party, we have the regular style egg-coloring for the kids, and also Ukrainian-style pysanky for those willing to spend a little more time on their eggs. We made some pretty nice ones last year and the year before.


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            Re: Happy Easter

            Pysanky or pisanice were wonderful. Using power tools to blow the egg is kinda extreme, but that's probably half the fun
            Maybe this site will give you a few ideas for your upcoming party



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              Re: Happy Easter

              Plastic Color Eggs with $ inside foa dis Grandma and Auntie to hide for the kids!

              No problemo.

              Auntie Lynn
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