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Woman killed by an intruder

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  • Woman killed by an intruder

    "The stabbing death of a 27-year-old woman in her family's McCully apartment early yesterday apparently was a random act committed by an intruder who tried a number of doors in the building until he found theirs unlocked."

    WHAT THE F*^K IS GOING ON NOWADAYS IN HAWAII?? The violence is becoming everday.

    Besides the murder, this part of the article is disturbing:
    "Other apartment residents and neighbors reported seeing an intruder earlier moving door to door at the building."

    Nobody calls the police about somebody going door to door trying to get into their neighbor's homes????
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    Re: Woman killed by an intruder


    A reminder of my stomping grounds in Brooklyn.

    Hear no evil see no evil!!

    Tragedy in paradise.
    stay forever young


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      ...yet another WTF?! moment with a hit and run car accident.
      23 yr. old girl killed on the H-1 this weekend. They may have caught the creep.


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        Re: And...

        yes, both tragedies (sp). thankfully hpd apprehended the suspects. we ALWAYS are looking out for our neighbors and they reciprocate.
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