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New Year's Resolutions

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  • New Year's Resolutions

    What do you hope to accomplish in 2005? And which of your resolutions are re-runs from this year?

    And no cheating with Hallmark-y sentiments like "be a better person" and "learn to love more." I'm talking about practical, work-a-day stuff like "lose ten pounds" and "get more sleep."

    I plan to lose ten pounds and get more sleep. I also want to finally make the switch from 'full test' to diet soda (I hate diet, but I'm almost there), start reading again (maybe a book a month), and get out into the sun at least two days a week. For a web-addicted geek, that last one will be the hardest of all!

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    Re: New Year's Resolutions

    Normally I don't make resolutions, but hey getting more sleep is something I don't mind doing.


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      Re: New Year's Resolutions

      TRYING TO STAY SANE! Lose the weight I gained from eating from the Holidays and stop grumbling about the Youth group at MWH! Two more things, showing and saying how much I care for my LOVED ONES and stop beating the crap out of people even if they started the confrontations, I must learn to walk away and not be such a BITCH!heheheh
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