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Frank Fasi R.I.P.

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  • Frank Fasi R.I.P.

    Well I just caught wind from another site that Frank Fasi has passed on.....

    And I guess I am the early bird to post this here.....

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    Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

    When I think of Mayor of Honolulu, I think of Frank Fasi. Rest in peace.


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      Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

      I think his recent injury prepped us a bit for this sad moment.

      The man is a legend.


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        Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

        You are right he is legendary. RIP and thanks for all of your service.


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          Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

          A Man with Class, Brains, Charm and Charisma.

          He was for the PEOPLE.

          Rest in Peace Mayor Frank Fasi.

          Condolances to the Fasi Ohana.

          Love and ALOHA, Auntie P.
          Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
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            Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

            I have always liked Frank (Shaka sign) Fasi! I believe he truly was a good man while being a politician in Hawaii. Quite a feat. I went to school with one of his sons, David.
            Here's a wikipedia entry on him. He wanted to have a rail system sooo many years ago. Ahead of his time.

            Much of Honolulu today retains reminders of Honolulu's Fasi Era. He opened the Neal S. Blaisdell Center, and established "TheBus," the national award-winning public transportation system. Fasi also invented and built the Satellite City Hall system, established one of the nation's largest elected neighborhood board systems, and pushed for the construction of the H-POWER waste-to-energy plant.

            Fasi created the popular Summer Fun recreational program for children and the annual Honolulu City Lights winter festival. Fasi popularized a local hand gesture called the shaka when he ordered it to become the city's signature logo and printed on all city signs and publications.

            He is also credited with transforming the Capitol District by bulldozing massive parking structures near the Hawaiʻi State Capitol, ʻIolani Palace and Kawaiahaʻo Church to create large parcels of green space known as the Honolulu Civic Center. He also created a central office building for many of the city's departments.

            In recognition of his service to Honolulu, Mayor Mufi Hannemann renamed both the Civic Center and the Municipal Building in July 2006. In order to do so, the Honolulu City Council amended its charter with the passage of Bill 76 (2005) CD 1, FD 1, which bypassed a ban on naming city and county sites in honor of living persons. The Mayor Frank F. Fasi Civic Center and Mayor Frank F. Fasi Municipal Building now stand as memorials to him.

            Thanks for all you did and tried to accomplish Frank!
            Life is either an adventure... or you're not doing it right!!!


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              Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

              Some personal thoughts and opinions on Mayor Fast:

              1) Here was a man who knew how to get things done. And he took action on them, no matter how many enemies he made along the way. The best example: Fasi got into jousts with the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin, calling their 1962 joint operating agreement a "monopoly" that was responsible for driving up the cost of ad prices that were passed on to the consumer. He took this populist stand, even at the cost of having both dailies printing every negative story they could find about Fasi and his administration. He was not given the sacred cow treatment.

              No doubt, all the negative media coverage hurt Fasi when it came to his numerous unsuccessful efforts to be governor. But Fasi believed in sticking to his principles, even if it would have a negative impact on his ambitions for higher office. Too bad the same could not be said for either of his two successors (Harris and Hannemann).

              2) While Fasi was an effective mayor, he was not a saint. He took advantage of his office to personally benefit himself and his family in the Kukui Plaza scandal. And depending on how the situation suits him, he could turn on a political ally and make him out to the biggest fink. Or vice-versa. Sometimes, you needed a scorecard to keep track of who was currently in Fasi's penthouse and doghouse. Mason Altiery, Hiram Kamaka, Andy Anderson, and Jeremy Harris were just some who had gone through the experience of receiving glowing praises and endorsements from Fasi.... but would later be the target of vitriol if they happened to be running for the same office. But hey, that WAS Fasi.

              FFF may have been cantankerous and confrontational at times. He may even have been acting crazy during his final few years as mayor. But looking back on everything, I can say with conviction that the man truly did things that he thought were in the best interests of the people of Honolulu. "Fighting for the little guy" was more than just an election-year slogan for him.

              God bless him. And my condolences go out to the Fasi family.
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                Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

                I can't add anything except that he is the one mayor we've had in the last 30 years that I have genuine respect for. Everybody else said it all.

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                  Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

                  I remember seeing Mr. Fasi having coffee and talking story with a friend at a little mom and pop restaurant on Bishop Square. He made time for everyone who walked up to him to say hi. That truly impressed me.

                  It's nice to have positive memories of a politician!

                  RIP, Mr. Fasi...


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                    Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

                    Frank Fasi...da Mayor!!

                    Yeah he was a crook but he took care of the little guy.

                    Love him or hate him, he got the job done...Kuhio Widening project!
                    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.


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                      Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

                      I remember my dad voted for him because he got their family picture Christmas card after he said he would vote for Fasi on a phone call from his campaign volunteer worker.
                      I just liked the way he tell it like it is, Dandy Don.


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                        Re: Frank Fasi R.I.P.

                        Jerry Burris gives his takes on Fasi's battle with the two Honolulu newspapers.

                        Some comments to add to what Jerry said.

                        1) The editorial bias against Fasi in the print media was obvious. I can't remember how many times the papers would print a headline story about wrongdoing/incompetence by someone in the city. And almost inevitably, Frank Fasi's mug would be plastered next to the story, whether Fasi had anything to do with it or not.

                        2) Fasi had his own pet nicknames for the two dailes. The Honolulu Adversary and the Star Baloney.

                        3) When Fasi decided to start writing his own weekly column, it was not with either of the two dailies. Instead, he picked MidWeek as the platform for his Frankly Speaking column. Of course, this was in the days before MidWeek was owned by the Star Baloney.
                        This post may contain an opinion that may conflict with your opinion. Do not take it personal. Polite discussion of difference of opinion is welcome.