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    If you had to live without one of your five senses, which one would it be and why? Whether your reasons are whimsical or practical, could you best live as someone who's deaf, blind, numb, unable to smell or unable to taste? (And are there single words to denote those last two? Curious.)

    Alternately, what is your favorite sense and why?

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    Re: Sense Survey

    hehehehehehehe! Even without "SMELL" I still could cook without a problem, knowing the food is ONO! Being naughty, well...I can't post it here. You said comical or practical.

    My alternative as a favorite: TASTE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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      Re: Sense Survey

      As one gets older your sensitivity for smell and taste gets less. Two cases in point.

      During my teen years in the 1970's I used to launch model rockets and the Estes (a company who made this stuff) rocket engines tended to give off a rotten egg smell after it was fired and it was really noticable. When I started to go back into model rocketry in the mid-90's I noticed that after the firing of the engines I don't notice the rotten egg smell and my first reaction is that people at Estes changed the way they made the engines. After about six months of launching rockets a young kid about 8 years old picked up one of my rockets that land close to him and as he tries to return the rocket to me he holds it away from him and saying it smells stink. I asked him what does it smell like and he says "rotten eggs".

      The other case, is that in my early 20's I couldn't tolerate japeleno peppers (the green and spicey ones). Since my mid-40's I can eat it with no problem.
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        Re: Sense Survey

        Can't really say why I'd give it up but it would be the least affected one for me.
        I think I'd miss the wonderful smells of good food cooking, but wouldn't want to
        not be able to taste or see the food. It's a hard choice though.
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          Re: Sense Survey

          Taste could be the one I could live without the best. Perhaps if food was not tasty, I would eat less and perhaps lose weight.
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            Re: Sense Survey

            Originally posted by mel
            Taste could be the one I could live without the best. Perhaps if food was not tasty, I would eat less and perhaps lose weight.
            That's one way of looking at it! Sadly, I love food too much to give up my sense of taste. I might die a little chubby, but I'll die happy.

            I'd probably give up sight, if I had the choice. Each one of the other senses, taken on its own, can be incredibly... well, sensual! Not just in that way, of course, but in every way. I could just lose myself in the way a place smells, or sounds, or feels, or the way something tastes... I don't think I could say the same thing about vision.

            From an evolutionary standpoint, we rely on vision more than anything else, so that's probably part of it. I think there's a reason why, when we're overwhelmed or moved in some way, we close our eyes. We don't want to give our brain up to just what we see.

            Of course, being blind would make it hard to drive, or browse the web for that matter. But, hell, that could be a good thing.


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              Re: Sense Survey

              The problem with choosing smell and not wanting to lose the taste of things is that the loss of smell will have some impact on the ability to taste.

              unable to smell or unable to taste? (And are there single words to denote those last two?
              The inability to smell is called anosmia. Not sure about taste, though.
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                Re: Sense Survey

                Originally posted by U'ilani
                The inability to smell is called anosmia. Not sure about taste, though.
                Anosmia? Interesting. But "anosmia" is a condition, yes? You would say, "I have anosmia." Is there a word, an adjective, that works the same way as "deaf" or "blind"? That is, "I am [unable to smell]"? Though I guess "anosmic" works.

                The word for taste is "aguesia" or "dysgeusia." But it doesn't look like there's an adjectival form (i.e. "dysgeusic" is not correct).


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                  Re: Sense Survey

                  Date of statistics - 2/19/05

                  Sight - 2 - 18.18%
                  Sound - 1 - 9.09%
                  Smell - 6 - 54.55%
                  Touch - 0 - 0%
                  Taste - 2 -18.18%

                  WOW!. I can't believe that, of all senses that was chosen to be without(?) is the "smell".

                  Originally Posted by Pzarquon
                  If you had to live without one of your senses, which one would it be
                  and why?
                  I would choose to be without Sound, it is easier for me to just learn to read other people's lips, & learn sign language & still able to communicate to others who don't know how to sign with paper & pencil. With the sound being gone, atleast I would still have sight, smell,touch, & taste. To me, taste is also very important, that is something I can't definately live without.
                  I figure, if my hearing disappears(can't hear anymore), & no matter how my neighbors around me get noisy, heck, I can still get that peacefull night sleep. Still would feel good about having the rest of my senses.

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                    Re: Sense Survey

                    The sense of smell is associated with emotions so I wouldn't want to get rid of that.

                    If I had to lose the sense of taste, I wouldn't be able to tell if certain foods were rancid or not. Sometimes the fish hasn't turned enough to smell it.

                    If I lost the sense of touch, I wouldn't be able to feel the embrace of another.

                    That leaves sight and sound and having worked with the deaf and blind I find that both can survive in our techno crazy world we live in.

                    I chose sight if I had to lose a sense because being in radio I'm accustomed to using my ears professionally and not my eyes. We are used to listening to the radio and letting our minds create the picture the narrator is describing to us. When we were kids and our parents read to us we imagined grand adventures in our minds.

                    In other words we as human beings are used to sound without sight. But imagine a TV set when the sound goes out, or the sight of kids having fun and you cannot hear the laughter. Seeing the trees bristle but no sound of the wind passing thru the leaves.

                    If you close your eyes and you can hear the birds sing and the keiki laugh. In your mind you can imagine a world anyway you want.

                    But a silent world can be a frustrating one when you see action but cannot hear it. It becomes two-dimensional.

                    And for that I would rather lose my sight than any other sense.
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                      Re: Sense Survey

                      Smell. After 14 years in the submarine force, my sense of smell is pretty much gone, anyway. And I don't miss it too much (have you ever smelled the inside of a sub?)
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                        Re: Sense Survey

                        My favorite sense?
                        taste, of course.