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    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! - They will side swipe you with large amounts of shipping cost tabulated in the bill with out letting you know. Leads you to believe that what you are paying is what you get!!!

    I ordered this product ( ) -

    Garment rack & later thinking that I was paying $64.75 with no additional cost, (Did not think that there was some possibility of hidden fees) much much later received a call letting me know of the large amount of extra cost I had to pay. So I cancelled it. If they peruse the charges, I will have help from my credit card company to stop payment & have it cancelled.

    I Have had a lot of success before in purchasing things off of the internet with varied companies, especially with Ebay & with some of their products that are free S/H (in "Buy Now.") . MOST of them (That is not Ebay) has had Shipping fees, Surcharges, & Taxes added to the end, before agreeing to pay for the whole total amount.

    This company (Store Supply Warehouse) DID NOT have the added fees shown before I agreed to pay, I thought that it was like Ebay that they wold probably have FREE S/H etc.. I had not thought of the possibilities of hidden fees at all (even though it was not shown there when I agreed to buy it) since I did not see any in front of me after paying for it!!.
    I was excited to purchase it, & when I did, it was late that even IF I had any questions, that I could not call at all to ask. My hubby was already asleep & I could not ask for his opinion about it. I took it upon myself to go buy it with out questioning the price. .

    IF they had all the fees tabulated towards the end before the agreement to pay, I probably would have just gone ahead & said yes completely to purchasing it, because I would have known , understood , & have seen the total amount at the end. Since there was non, I cancelled it because I didn't like how their company handled it over the internet with out showing the added fees!!. I felt like they were tricking people or customers by not adding the extra fees at the end. Only showing just the price.

    I guess the moral of this story is...

    a Lesson Learned to be careful next time & to wait to ask question(s) when there is no extra fees added to the price. NEVER automatically think that it may be free.

    p.s. I sure gave them a good piece of my mind when they called. .
    Aches & Pains
    (through out our lives) knows no time!!.