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  • Trip to Japan

    I'm planning a trip with my husband to Japan for about 12 days (May 20th through June 1 2015). Never been, and so I'm not completely sure what we should do. We're hoping to spend about five days in Tokyo, 4 in Kyoto, and 2 days at the Hakone hot springs. For those of you who have been, do you have any tips/suggestions for us? What places did you like the most, what kind of stuff did you end up buying? I'd like to know anything and everything!

    Thank you in advance for your comments/suggestion =)

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    Re: Trip to Japan

    If it's a first trip and you think it may be likely you'll go back again, would you consider an inclusive group tour? Not as spontaneous nor private but someone else does all the planning, arranging, transporting, explaining... I'd be afraid of stressing out over getting lost or being late, so I'd take a guided tour before striking out on my own. The guide can show you all the "usual attractions," leaving the off-the-beaten-path discoveries to you for later.

    That said, your trip seems diverse and long enough to enjoy following your whims. I've only spent time in the city, and only remember a colorful mix of temples, shopping, and good food.


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      Re: Trip to Japan

      See, my advice would be exactly the opposite. Japan is a wonderful, beautiful place with ten millions things to see, big and small. I suggest you don't stress about it beyond the general itenerary of which places you'll be and for how long. Let your feet and whim guide you. I suppose you'll want to identify a few "must see" things, but the problem with the tours is that they try to cover as man of the must-sees as possible, and that just doesn't seem like a good way to experience them.

      I go on vacation to do things on my schedule, not on someone else's, and the Meguro Parasitological Museum or the Ghibli Museum are the sorts of places those tours tend to miss.

      Since I live here, one thing I always do before I travel is see what musical acts will be in concert wherever I'm going. Our concert scene isn't bad, but I'm sure there's a chance to see in Tokyo bands you love who never stop here.

      Have fun. Take lots of photos, and make sure to share them with us when you get back!
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