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Dance places in Honolulu?

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  • Dance places in Honolulu?

    What places would you recommend for dancing tonight? 80s music preferred but whatever's popular OK, too. Not into Oceans. Just some place fun to dance.

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    Re: Dance places in Honolulu?

    Scruples used to be my second home. Nice atmosphere. Mostly over 21 so the crowd is laid back. A goodly portion of the crowd is military, if that's needed information. The only DJ I know is Matt and he usually slips in some 80's (especially some good 'ole fashioned rock), but most of his set is current popular. Not sure if he works tonight, maybe.

    As far as other clubs, for 80's, Galaxy night club has events called Ultra and Flesh. Ultra however is on Saturdays and Flesh... well... if you're also into goth/industrial then you'll have fun. If not, then you might wanna stay away.

    I'm sorta sure that Zanzibar is sticking to current pop stuff. And their weird upscale dress code.

    Scruples and Zanzibar you can find on Kuhio St. in Waikiki. Scruples on one side of the street and Zanzibar on the other (the trade center side). Scruples entrance fee is 10$ I think. Unless on Thursday they have ladies night or some kind of special. I hear they hold bikini contests on Thursdays, roughly at about midnight. But I wouldn't know anything about that... *ahem*

    Galaxy Night club you can find on Kalakaua Avenue, near the Convention Center. ZERO parking so you might wanna taxi there or park at Brian's/24 hour fitness and shoot an hour of pool before or after the club to bring down the parking fee to 1.25$

    You might want to stay away from Blue Tropix and Volcanos (formerly World's Cafe) as they're 18+ most of the time, unless you like dancing in a sea of attitude. Pipeline cafe used to be good until they lowered the age to 18. Now I hear it's "ghetto" and bad stuff tends to happen more frequently. But they're still the best for rock and stuff as far as I know.

    Hope this helps!

    I, myself, am looking for a nice change of pace, some nice bar to chill and relax. Scruples is great (but they don't carry malts like Smirnoff Ice/Triple Black) but I think the dance scene shouldn't be a "hang out" type of place. And besides, I can't dance. *shrug*


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      Re: Dance places in Honolulu?

      I'm strictly '80s, hardcore, and goth. If I were to "dance" it would be at Pink Cadillac on Saturdays (Kawika has a good thing going there), or else 1739 (Kalakaua) on Fridays and Saturdays. I'm a regular at The Wave, but never dance there -- the music is horrific, but gotta make the rounds, you know? Plus their Long Island is epic. I've been to The Wave's "'80s Nite" and it was kinda lame - think The Cure with a backbeat. But the people watching makes it all worth it. When live bands happen there can be moments, but then again it depends on the band.