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  • April Fools!

    Tomorrow being April 1, what's the funniest April Fools stunt you've experienced or heard about?

    If you want to commit an act of April Foolery at work and need some inspiration, here are the top 10 work gags from's survey:

    1. Changed the caller ID on a co-worker's phone to read "Mr. Kitten" every time he called someone.

    2. Placed random objects from people's desks in the vending machine.

    3. Placed a live goldfish in an IV bag in a clinic.

    4. Snuck onto someone else's computer and sent out an "I love you" e-mail to the entire office.

    5. Wall papered someone's entire cube with headshots of his co-workers.

    6. Convinced a colleague that a co-worker was in love with him.

    7. Sat on the copier and placed the copies back in the paper bin. Anytime co-workers made copies, they had the image of the prankster's backside in the background.

    8. Turned all the clocks in the office one hour back to make the work day seem longer.

    9. Locked all the doors, shut off the lights and put a "Closed" sign in the window when the boss went out for lunch.

    10. Placed fake rubber chocolates in the break room and watched as co-workers tried to chew them.
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    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Re: April Fools!

    But it won't be fun without teachers to do it to.

    And I'm trying to find a way to manipulate the forecast to say its all clear and stuff and put it on the news/radio.
    How'd I get so white and nerdy?


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      Re: April Fools!


      iT'S DA dAY fOA FOOLS! hahahahaha

      I'm getting married today!

      Reception to follow at the Zoo.

      Honeymoon at OCCC. ( No kidding)
      Barbed wired separating us. 12 hr. Pass ova.

      April Fool!

      Auntie Lynn
      Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
      Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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        Re: April Fools!

        Guess what's Google's april fool's joke? Yep: Google Romance
        How'd I get so white and nerdy?


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          Re: April Fools!

          ahahaha. LOL

          the caller ID and vending machine ones killed me... thanks.
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