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  • Magic Island Celebration Observations

    Took the family to that carnival last night. This is probably going to turn into more of a rant.

    Good ting went early. Found parking on the road. I knew they had a shuttle service from another parking area, but never heard where until last night's 10 o'clock news. MI parking lot had tape and was closed to allow "permit" parking only. Couldn't figure that one out as we saw all kinds of families parking there to go to the festival.

    Food was pretty good, but expensive. Some of the Korean vendor's plate lunches were at least a couple bucks more than outside restaurants. Others looked more reasonable. All food vendors only accepted "blue" coupons, although cash prices were posted.

    For the rides, one needed the "red" coupons. You can't buy them. You have to buy the blue ones first and redeem them for the red ones. Totally confusing and a big waste of time as booth personel had to keep announcing that they weren't "selling" ride tickets and people hoping to buy them had to get out of long lines to go look for a blue ticket booth, buy the blue scriipts then get back at the end of that long line they left. Rides ranged from 3 scripts to 6. The good ones averaged 5 scripts and the rides were short. Adds up with a family of 3. At one ride, I saw the ticket taker accepting blue and red. A few parents confronted the guy, as did I. "Wot? You taking blue or red? Mek up your mind. Mek big difference, bruddah? Das $3 versus $1.50!" The guy looked pretty scared and started taking only the red coupons. Knucklehead.

    Also, Thursday KGMB news mentioned the sale of wrist bracelet ride passes for $18. No such luck, no one at the ticket booths mentioned or offered them and it was not posted for sale. The majority of carnival goers had no idea about them and never asked.

    Stuff like the funnel cakes or cotton candy were way out of line in pricing, I thought. I mean, 6 bucks for one funnel cake or a "bag" of cotton candy??? Aw, c'mon! I'd rather go spend that on a plate lunch. Oh, yeah, scripts only. Nobody was taking cash.

    For a 2 hour "adventure", it cost a family of 3 $100. Those wrist bracelets might have helped, but not by much.

    Oh, and that carnival was SMALL. You'd think for a city celebration, it'd be a bit larger.

    Now the rave. It turned into a beautiful evening. It stopped raining and the trades kicked in at a pretty good clip. Had dinner under the main tent and got entertained by the likes of Danny Kaleikini and the Royal Hawaiian Band. Police presence was heavy and there was no fear of problems at the carnival or on the park road and parking lot. Restooms were plentiful and clean. Melanie had a blast on the rides and some of the games and it turned out to be just plain fun being out on a nice evening with the family, despite the cost and confusion.

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    Re: Magic Island Celebration Observations

    Scrip systems are a mess already, but scrips for different scrips? That's ridiculous. I was wondering how well the festival would do, anyway, having been rescheduled. Let alone its location. Magic Island is a great park, but I'm not sure how well it could handle the crowds. (But hell, they do a carnival at Punahou, so what do I know?)

    I don't plan on going -- it's a busy weekend already! -- but I did go down there on Thursday and caught some of the setup work. Like I said, good thing we moved tomorrow's picnic!


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      Re: Magic Island Celebration Observations

      Everybody was at First Night or other celebrations that were much cheaper!

      Still, money is no object when it comes to making the kiddies HAPPY? Or to keep them quiet, when your'e already there!

      Auntie Lynn
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        Re: Magic Island Celebration Observations

        As it was reported, Thursday was virtually empty and last night wasn't too bad, but of course we left before 7:30. I suspect it'll be much more crowded tonight and tom'w. We were thinking it would have been more crowded had there been more publicity and information. As it is, we only saw stuff about this "celebration" on the news and nothing much about additional parking which turns out to be on Alapai and a 15 to 20 minute shuttle ride. Even then...where on Alapai? Not all of us are familiar with the area.

        EKF's script thang is, simply put, stupid. I was definitely not the only one to mouth a few expletives at the ride and booth operators after being told I had to do this or do that first. If they had heard me, it would have been "You gotta be s------- me. Are you guys stupid?", and mine was mild. Others simply mouthed, "F!", or "F this" then walked off foregoing the rides....and all this from people with kids in tow, held behind them so the kids couldn't see or hear anything.<LOL> That's how bad it was all the while we were there and I suppose on into the night.

        pzarquon, if you or anyone else decides not to go, y'all won't be missing much. Your money would be better spent at a good restaurant or shopping. Seems we're all not missing much if we don't go to these "carnivals" these days. Just gotta do it for the kids. I don't know. Is it because we're getting older? Did our parents feel the same when they took us to a carnival?


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          Re: Magic Island Celebration Observations

          Originally posted by Da Rolling Eye
          Oh, and that carnival was SMALL. You'd think for a city celebration, it'd be a bit larger.

          City celebration would, in character, be very disorganized and a rip off of the people.