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Appropriate thank you gift?

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  • Appropriate thank you gift?

    Earlier this afternoon I received a phone call from one of the housekeepers at my condo building. She found a rather large check issued by me which I'd just given to a vendor when the vendor left the unit. Evidently, the check came loose from a clipboard and went unnoticed...'til the housekeeper found it. Not only did she take the time to call but she called from her personal cell phone so that I'd know immediately and said she would turn it in to the office. I thanked her profusely!

    I'd like to reward the housekeeper for her honesty with a small thank you gift but I can't seem to come up with a good idea. I'm pretty sure the majority of staff at Surfside reside along the Waianae coast. Money seems so impersonal but I'd guess it's always appreciated, much?

    All ideas greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

    er... not that it's my business... however... think of the value of that check and what might have been the consequences of that business not getting their money from you.

    If it's just minor...then maybe a simple gift certificate somewhere?

    If it's something major.... a Larger gift certificate? It would help to know more about the particular house keeper to give a better example of something less personable?

    Does she... have kids? etc...

    However, you are lucky to have such a great staff that took their time to make sure you knew what was going on.... (maybe you could do one of her daily tasks?)

    Any rate... glad you at least know the checks not floating in NEVER NEVER land


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      Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

      I agree w/ the gift certificate. Unless you know her well, it's hard to tell what she would really find use in. Gift Certificates are universal.
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        Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

        You can never go wrong with a Gift Certificate. She probably has a family to take care of, so the supermarket maybe?

        As for the dollar amount, I guess that'd be your call since you know the value of that check!
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          Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

          Depending on the size of the check, I'd give her anywhere from 10-20% of the face value. I'm pretty sure she'd appreciate the cash. And think of what you saved by not having to have a hold put on the check and then reissuing it!

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            Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

            Good point about not having to put a hold (or stop payment) on the check, Miulang! Bottom line was the vendor's carelessness that led to the housekeeper finding the check and it was made payable to the vendor so could not have been cashed. Had I been put in the position of issuing a stop payment I would have deducted that fee from the amount due the vendor when I sent a new check. I called the vendor to let her know what happened and she wasn't concerned in the least...just said to mail the check! No mention or thanks for the honesty of the housekeeper!

            I don't know the housekeeper at all which is why money is probably the best option. I just have a hang up about money being so impersonal...the easy way out. I, too, like the idea of a gift certificate but would feel the need to keep it to the Waianae coast. That limits me to fast food restaurants, Sack n Save and Longs! Who knows, tho'...maybe several fast food GCs might be welcome! Or, I should just get over my impersonal money hang up!!!


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              Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

              A big large Fruit Basket or One filled with everyday things...Shampoo, rinse, bathsoap, perfume, etc. etc.

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                Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

                My 2 cents is a small basket to make it personal and a little money too. Then she knows you really put a bit of thought into it but it is more useful for her.
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                  Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

                  I'd go with a gift certificate to the Longs in your area--it may be mundane, but it will be highly useful, since EVERYBODY pretty much goes to Long's! Maybe include a small, more personal gift on the side and a nice card to go along with it in a small basket so that it looks nicer?


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                    Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

                    Give her food, no gift certificate and make it yourself!

                    That personal effort goes a long way, a gift card/certificate screams: Hey I'm thinking of you but I don't have the time or effort to do anything buy buy this damned certificate I saw at the checkout stand at Safeway!

                    Bake her cookies or brownies. Show her that you took the time and effort to say, "Thank you" for being so honest.

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                      Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

                      I am a true believer in gift certificates from our local big supermarket. Necessities, over-expensive food that they normally never buy, liquor, whatever--they can get what they want. Treat themselves, or save it for a really rainy day--a g.c. to the supermarket is an awesome gift.



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                        Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

                        Reading all these reminds of the news this summer of a man that found many savings bond in the trash and returned it..... and only was rewarded $100. Many people around the country was upset about this and the man ended up receiving a lot more for his good dead... read it here...

                        With all that said..... tutusue... the woman returned money to you... in my opinion... the most appropriate thing to give her is money.... to thank her for her honesty...

                        we tip people 15-20%... so why not tip her for her good deal and add more to it. Since we don't know how much the check was worth. Like someone said..... add into the reward the amount you would have spend having to cancel the check and the time and effort that goes along with that..... I am sure she is not even expecting anything out of it and will surely appreciate it. She can also do as she wishes with the money.

                        Buying a gift certificate for one store does not allow her the liberty to do as she wish with the gift given to her. You can cook... bake... but nothing talks like money. Better yet, invite her to lunch or dinner and then give her a thank you card with a check in it.

                        Let us all know what you end up doing.

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                          Re: Appropriate thank you gift?

                          Okey dokey...since I didn't want to drag out the time between the housekeepers good deed and the 'reward', I decided to get over my hang up about giving money. I gave that to her (via the condos office) in a cute card with a personal message. Less than an hour later she called and, unfortunately, got my voice mail. She was sincerely appreciative.

                          I hear what you're saying about food, Craig, and would've loved to have been able to add some home baked cookies but my stove isn't hooked up right now due to phase 1 of my remodel.

                          I'm going thru the same hang up involving money and GCs for my grandsons. They love both. And since they live on the mainland and are old enough to know what they want and save for big ticket items, money and GCs make gift giving so much easier for me. BUT...I hate giving those! I wanna take the time to find out what they want, to shop for them, to touch and examine the gifts and wrap them myself, attaching home made cards. Sometimes I even make the wrapping paper. All of that is just so much fun. The packaging and shipping are bah-humbug tho'! Don't like that part at all!