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United's new fare doesn't include overhead bins

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  • United's new fare doesn't include overhead bins

    Now matter how it is explained in twisted garbled Airline-Speak, United Airlines is about to switch to a fee system that does NOT include using overhead bins for some passengers.
    The Washington Post:
    As part of the company’s new pricing tier, Basic Economy, passengers who purchase the airline’s cheapest fares will only be allowed one personal item that must fit under a seat. Additionally, customers will not be assigned seats until the day of departure, meaning people on the same ticket could be separated.
    Smells like a charging for overhead bins to me ....... how about you?

    Crowded foot space is in our future..... and perhaps sitting next to an upset crying six year old who is separated on the flight from his parents.
    Now run along and play, but don’t get into trouble.

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    My last trip using United Airlines had to use the Basic Economy (some other agency was going to reimburse the fare). At the check-in I was told I could only have one carryon and not use the overhead bin. Luckly I was able to fit my purse into my backpack (which had my laptop and other electronics) and said backpack could fit under the seat.

    I asked if I could pay extra for the overhead bin but couldn't because I needed to inform them 3 days in advance that I needed to do that.

    It was a bummer but I survived the encounter but definitely I don't want to do that again.