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Have you changed your driving habits?

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    Re: Have you changed your driving habits?

    Originally posted by sinjin
    This is where I must call BS. What 5.7L V8 gets 30mpg at 65mpg? You'll have to back that one up Alarick. Nothin' personal.
    Btw wind resistance is part of aerodynamics.
    If one is mostly coasting, it's possible for a 5.7L V8 to excellent gas mileage. I've managed to squeeze out 24 mpg in a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD with a 5.7L Hemi and it weighs nearly 4,000 lbs and has the aerodynamics of a brick.

    Unfortunately, I've only managed to get 26 mpg in a Lexus RX 400h, despite it having a 3.3L V6 engine and an electric motor.
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      Simple vs. High Tech

      Anyone remember the Honda CRX HF?

      Far from a V-8 muscle car, this little 2-seater was sold in the late 80's to early 90's designated as "High Fuel-efficiency". The thing got 45 to 50mpg right off the showroom floor with nothing more than a lightweight compact chassis and an anemic, yet sufficient fuel-injected inline 4-banger. If not mistaken, the max. speed was no more than 85 mph (depending on conditions).

      Not bad though for cheap and simple power-to-weight ratio common sense vs. expensive, high tech hybrid (Prius) hoo-haa.

      While the HF model was the cheapest model in the CRX line-up, gas prices weren't an issue at the time, so most consumers opted for the higher-powered SI model.
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        Re: Simple vs. High Tech

        I've thought about picking up an old CRX just for the gas mileage, but with all the modified Hondas around here, i'd give in to my competitive side and start to modify mine.

        They are all slow, but it comes down to who has the fastest slow car

        But back to V8's now, coasting will help a lot, as will the transmission and gear ratio.
        My DD will cruise at 70mph all day long and be in the 2100 RPM range.
        If i had the 6 speed manual the RPM's at 70mph would be closer to 1800.

        Now if i romp on it, you can just about watch the gas gauge drop
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          The Fleecing of Hawaii.. and the Nation

          What's most disturbing is how consumers are accepting $2.99/gallon regular unleaded gas prices as "cheap".

          Wasn't it just 6 months ago that it was over 30% less?

          Folks in Hawaii seem especially jaded about sticker shock such as HOUSING, that gas prices are forgiven as just another fact of late 2005 economics.
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