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    Re: A hui hou, Hamamoto!

    Originally posted by Leo Lakio View Post
    Does having a job as principal prevent her from volunteering as a storyteller and reader?
    My point isn't about Hamamoto's ability to juggle a fulltime job, doing volunteer work, and visiting her daughter's family in New Mexico. What I was talking about is that when asked by the media why she was retiring from her job as state superintendent at such a critical juncture in time (and yes, I consider Furlough Fridays as a critical issue), Hamamoto mentioned things like her desire to spend more time with her family, reading to the blind, etc. Although some Advertiser & Star-Bulletin readers (and even HT'ers in this thread) wrote less-than-flattering commentary about the timing of her exit, most people didn't post criticism about changing priorities or even a desire to slow down after a long career in public education.

    Heck, if Hamamoto later wanted to go back into education as a result of getting restless in retirement, even that wouldn't raise too many eyebrows. Maybe after a year,... or even six months.

    But suddenly taking on a principal's position after only a little more than a month? That doesn't sound like a case of a restless retiree.

    If people knew back on Dec. 31 that the former superintendent was ditching her job in the midst of the furlough crisis to become a private school principal, does anyone here think that wouldn't have impacted the public's reaction to Hamamoto's sudden resignation?
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