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please help...I'm doing bad in school

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    Re: please help...I'm doing bad in school

    Originally posted by Shredder
    Thanks a lot man for the advice. Yea...I'm very disappointed right now. I came to final conclusion that I'm just don't have it, whatever it is.

    Anyway let's forget about this and focus on where I'm right now. I have 2.0 or lower like 1.8 Gpa, which depends on how well I did in summer session. So if I want to transfer to UH, I need 2.8 GPA? and 26 credits? So how well do I have to do on next semester in order to bring it up to 2.8 or wherever it is to go to UH. I have enough credits but GPA is the problem.
    Shredder, you are swallowing some jagged little pills right now, which I am a fan of doing, because it is during the sucky times that we forge our own spines. In this respect, I am very glad for you that you are experiencing that which you are! After all the whinging, pissing and moaning, we come to a point where our reflection in the mirror screams "ENOUGH!!" and we do something about it. And I happily trust that such a scream will not elude you.

    My husband got his AA degree by the skin of his ass. He has never been one adept at book learning. He doesn't trust himself to speak formally in front of a crowd. Until today his eyes glaze over when he sees their math homework.

    But the tree fruits faster when under stress, and he was no different. He was in the army reserves for 20 years and it was the military that gave him his opportunity to define for himself what sort of man he wanted to be. It weaned him off of his parents (something for which I will *always* be grateful). It gave him self-respect. It gave him a trade, which led to the trades that ultimately put him where he is today.

    It is ok to feel sorry for yourself. We all do it at some point of our lives. But the goal is to develop the tools to stop feeling that way...and then learning how to shake it off when those blues set in again.

    And I tell you this right now: you are young. If you don't learn how to shake those blues RIGHT NOW, it is going to set in and become part of the very fabric of you, and next thing you know you are in your 20s and 30s and beyond, diagnosed with long-term depression and never being able to nurture yourself past your nature. Your tree is young NOW. Stop willing upon yourself depression. Get going on a plan B and fixate on something at which you can SUCCEED.

    Make yourself a winner, Shredder! Good luck, kid.