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    Ice has a new flavor
    "Strawberry Quick" resembles Pop Rocks, a popular candy among children. It is pink, smells like strawberry and tastes like it. But it is actually crystal methamphetamine -- only easier to ingest and just as deadly -- and has been popping up all over the country, including California and Nevada, in recent months.
    What will they think of next? No wonder the war on drugs is a tough battle.

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    Re: Strawberry Quick

    Good thing we're about to test teachers. That'll make a difference; I just know it!
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      Re: Strawberry Quick

      wow, just wow. And I don't mean that in a good "wow" kinda way.

      The war on drugs is a whole another story, imo, but it is appalling that there is meth, and then a way to gear it to be more "market friendly", especially towards kids.

      Pushers need to be shot on sight.

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        Re: Strawberry Quick

        BoingBoing featured this a few days ago, and some are skeptical that dealers are actually pushing this drug to children:

        There's no evidence meth is flavored to appeal to children, and there's no masking the taste.

        On the contrary, there's an established tradition of drug dealers coloring and styling their wares, as a brief look at will make evident. The purpose of this is to create a reputation for a certain "brand" of drug, allowing a dealer to promote his product over the other guys.