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Mauna Loa swelling but no urgency

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  • Mauna Loa swelling but no urgency

    Okay so they're telling us that Mauna Loa has swelled upwards of 7-inches and liquid magma is filling the empty spaces beneath terra firma and that a likely eruption is overdue...but there's no urgency.

    Hmmm...the ground is swelling and beneath our feet molten rock is ready to spurt thru. Meanwhile scientists are saying not to worry because an earthquake could change the direction of the impending flow of lava along the southern flanks of Mauna Loa.

    Hmmm...I kinda remember a video called Ultimate Tsunami that mentioned something about an earthquake along the southern flank of Mauna Loa. no worries we won't die from the lava...just a killer tsunami! Okay I guess I'd rather be hit with water than red hot molten rock.
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    Re: Mauna Loa swelling but no urgency

    OH YEA nothing to worry about...


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      Re: Mauna Loa swelling but no urgency

      Kinda like waiting for a giant pimple to burst.
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