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Those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki

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  • Those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki

    Anyone notice those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki? I was back home for a few months in 2003 and noticed:

    And old guy from Thailand who'd draw very realistic caricatures of ppl with a black Prismacolor pencil, very nice ol' guy with glasses, and good work.

    One skinny Haole guy with a bad arm, could do a caricature or a painting, and said he's done a few murals too.

    One guy from the Middle East, could do caricatures or painting, often working on a nice painting of someone.

    A Korean guy who always had a huge crowd of Japanese tourists around him, working on very bright white paper, the story was he had something like 14 kids to feed.

    All of these guys were in danger of being arrested by the cops, it was a delicate dance, since it's supposed to be for a donation not actually selling something.

    It seemed like any of these guys could make $100 a night, I saw 'em make $50 in a couple of hours.

    It also seemed like any of 'em could get around the legal issue by working with a store or something, but I think they liked to work only when they wanted to, so that was out.

    There was also a caricature "stand" at the bottom floor of one of the large hotels, but the guy there never drew anything, just sat there. Weird eh?

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything interesting about this trade, I think I'd want to learn this if I moved back, that way I could make money no mattah what.

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    Re: Those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki

    There was a guy that fit one of your descriptions who operated in front of Planet Hollywood on Kalakaua. He was well-equipped, including an easel (of course) and a display rack that showed a number of samples of his work. I haven't seen him lately, but if I do, I'll try get you some scoops.

    There's a TON of street performers in Waikiki. Some with amazing talent that really should be discovered. Some really great musicians and artists out there.

    A friend visiting from the mainland who tours in a band once commented to me when he seen the "silver man" (you know who I'm talking about).. he said.. "Oh gosh... every city has a "silver man, a "gold man" and a "green man", in reference to these dudes who paint themselves and stand there like statues for photos and tips. lol!
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      Re: Those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki

      Street caricaturists always draw the subject from the side. It simplifies the drawing --- and no one knows what they look like from the side.
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      "Art is never finished, only abandoned." -- Leonardo Da Vinci


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        Re: Those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki

        I got to see the caricaturist scene in San Francisco before I got flushed out of the Bay Area like used TP......

        There's one artist who's a postmodern hero, uses the same profile for EVERYONE, just colors to fit the subject, dark/light skin same for hair, SAME DAMN PROFILE he's great....

        But, the guys I saw on Kalakaua are not like that. They geev' um, quality for the money.

        Good point about profiles though, I'll keep it in mind.


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          Re: Those dudes drawing caricatures in Waikiki

          The portraits I saw at Mall of America weren't profiles.

          These guys used photos as references and the results were quite nice. Don't know if they used a projector but their setup included a posing stool, so they must be able to work off a live model.