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  • Nematodes

    My garden has nematodes! They killed my carrots, eggplant, and peppers. How do I get rid of nematodes?
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    Re: Nematodes

    It's not easy. If you ask the experts at the UH College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources about nematodes, CTAHR Advisor Desmond Ogata writes:
    We are always searching for that miracle pill that will completely eradicate nematodes from our soils. Unfortunately, even with the most dangerous chemicals, there still is no solution today that will eliminate these microscopic pests. For our homeowner clients, I always stress the use of good compost or organic materials as a preplant amendment. The organic material encourages microbial activity which in turn works against the nematodes in the soil. Never grow the same crop in a continuous cycle but consider rotating with non-related crops to break population build-up. Section off sections of the plot to allow for Soil Solarization during the hottest periods of the year. This involves preparing the infested soil by tilling and breaking up all the clumps in the soil. Be sure the soil is damp to the touch. Cover the soil surface with a CLEAR plastic covering that can be picked up at most hardware stores. The thicker the plastic the better so it does not tear to easily. Be sure the plot is in a sunny area because the longer the exposure time, the hotter it will get below the plastic cover. The edges of the plastic should be weighted down by adding soil on top or use a heavy plank of wood just to cover the edges. A good seal will allow the heat to remain within the covered area. After 3 weeks, remove one edge of the plastic and lightly turn the soil to the top.