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    Re: Solo Ants

    Originally posted by tikiyaki View Post
    Someone once told me about a good ant remedy.

    Mix some yeast with molasses, put it on a piece of cardboard, and set it out in the problem area. Supposedly they bring the molasses back to the nest, everyone feasts on it, then the yeast expands in the little guys and they explode.

    I don't know, it makes sense. I've never tried it, but this person said it worked great.
    We use a home-made mixture of water, sugar and boric acid on a different kind of ants, but a warning about these kinds of remedies --- don't use them if you have any pets or small children that might eat the poison baits; the sweet aspect (sugar, molasses) can make them irresistable.


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      Re: Solo Ants

      Thanks for all the great tips and links. Funny thing--I usually don't feel the bite, just the itch. Once, one got caught in my waistband and I felt a pinch but it only lasted for a second.

      I was surprised to see so many biting species. It is surprising that a guy so small can bite. My ant would fall into the 1/8th inch category. They definately are night foragers. I could bomb the room but i suspect they may be coming in through a vented skylight (right above our bed). I am not sure where an effective place to put bait would be since they are all single foragers. Maybe on the roof outside the skylight.

      Thanks again for all the tips!