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    Re: Have you met someone famous?

    I accidentally spilled coffee onto Doobie Brother Michael McDonald's leg while interviewing him for the radio. I went to shake his hand and SPLOOSH, I brushed it off of the table onto his thigh. (Great way to start an interview).

    It must've been cold already because he didn't even flinch. He was very cool. Afterwards I wondered if it had been hot, would he have given me one of his famous falsetto shouts?


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      Re: Have you met someone famous?

      i waited on Bono and his wife in Italy and a year later The Edge came by too. I met several "famous" people from my home country, but they wouldn't be famous to you, so I won't go there...
      I guess the U2 guys were the only ones... My boyfriend met Brooke Burns a month ago when she came to drop off photos at the Ritz Camera in Waikiki. And that's all celebrity we met... not much i guess.


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        Re: Have you met someone famous?

        David HassleHopAndSkip
        ??? ROFLMAO!!! Buddhist group was fortunate to have a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India...
        WOW. That's just amazing.

        Let's see, I've never really "met" any celebrities, but Cindy Crawford walked by me like, five feet away, at the showers at Ehukai. She was doing a photo shoot.

        And I'm sort of related-by-marriage to Kevin Mawae of the NY Jets. I don't really know him, because I'm never around him, but around here, he's a "household name" (pardon the pun).


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          Re: Have you met someone famous?

          Well, let's see now... I helped in the formation of 'Ilio'ula'okalani which is a group of Kumu Hula and native Hawaiian practitioners dedicated to the promotion and preservation of native rights. Amongst it's founding members are such celebrities (albeit they do not think of themselves as such mind you) as Keali'i Reichell, Kekuhi Kanahele and her husband Kaipo, Aunty Pua Kanaka'ole Kanahele (actually I grew up knowing all of the Kanaka'ole/Kanahele 'ohana having lived in and around Keaukaha, Pana'ewa, etc.), Chinky Mahoe, Sonny Ching and his wonderful mom, 'Ilio president Vickie Holt Takamine, Hokulani Holt-Padilla (both are cousins), Alicia Smith and her daughter Pi'ilani, Mapuana DeSilva and her husband Kihei, Uncle John Keola Lake, Robert Cazimero (he's funny as hell!), Manu Boyd (of Ho'okena fame... wonderful, wonderful person), Kaho'onei Panoke and many other Kumu hula/halau and native practitioners from that group (I know I'm missing a mention of quite a few notables, e kala mai!)

          Other's I know/knew personally or have had personal contact with are Aunty Edith Kanaka'ole, Aunty 'Iolani Luahine, Uncle George Na'ope, Cy Bridges, Bernard Kalua & Abe Keala of The Blalahs of Keaukaha fame, Albert Ka'ai of Makapu'u Sand Band (we're first cousins), Danny Couch (used to be my neighbor in Nanakuli), Butch Helemano (another neighbor on the opposite side of our house in Nanakuli), Manu Kahaiali'i (Willie K's dad, met Willie too), Aunty Genoa Keawe, Uncle Gabe Kila (Nanakuli Son's fame), Skippy and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (used to live across the street from my parents in Ma'ili) and Sam Grey (an original MS member who used to play the pakini (washtub bass), Moon Kauakahi (I did an oli kahea at Camp Smith and he responded with an oli aloha protocol at a meeting between army brass and community members relating to Makua), Melvin Amina (his dad married my first husband and I) and his family, Frenchy DeSoto, John DeSoto and many more politicians/tv/news reporters too many to name, through my working in government including Governors John Waihe'e, Ben Cayetano and George Ariyoshi as well as Mayor's Shunichi Kimura (Big Island), Frank Fasi, Ailene Anderson and Jeremy Harris oh and did I mention that O'ahu's first "Mayor" Joseph Fern in an ancestor of mine?

          Other celebrities I have had the occassion or honor of meeting are Tom Selleck, Martin Sheen, Michael Jordan, President Clinton, and more that if I find the extra time, I'll post... gotta run for now though.
          He leo wale no...


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            Re: Have you met someone famous?

            Queen Elizabeth II (my home town was named after her and during one of her visits to Australia during the 1970's she came to the main shopping center and was very sociable with people when being shown through the center).

            Bob Hawke (former Prime Minister of Australia)

            Tony Dorigo (England international soccer player, used to play against him regularly)

            John Inman (British comedian from Are You Being Served, he is exactly the same in real life as he is in the program)

            Mark McGuire (used to holiday in Adelaide, Australia no one cared who he was, so he got some peace and quiet, got talking to him in a store, didnt know who it was until following day when his picture was in the newspaper, explaining that he had just broken the home run record)

            A lot of Formula 1 racing drivers, including Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet (Adelaide used to have the last Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season and the drivers would really party after)


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              Re: Have you met someone famous?

              My favorite brush with greatness is showing Dave Barry where the bathroom was at the Grand Wailea Hotel at the Maui Writers Conference. He has been one my writing/comedy heroes since childhood, but I was too chicken to ask him for a photograph or to autograph my buttocks.

              Of course, he probably had more important things on his mind (or bladder) at the time anyways



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                Re: Have you met someone famous?

                I just thought of a few more brushes-with-greatness:

                1) I had the pleasure of washing Wally "Famous" Amos' car when I was in highschool. It was at the Enchanted Lakes Chevron, and I soaped down his Volvo while his baby daughter slept in the back seat.

                He of course tipped us with bags of Famous Amos cookies...

                2) I met Marc Andreessen (the creator of "Mosaic", the first graphical WWW browser and founder of Netscape) in an elevator, back when Netscape was da shizznit in the Internet world. He's a nice guy, albeit a very boring speaker.

                3) In contrast, I briefly "met" Apple CEO Steve Jobs, backstage at an Apple Developer conference, and he (as well as his immediate "peoples") is a complete prick.

                4) This is one that probably most people in Hawaii would care less about, but I met Martin Swope, formerly of the legendary punk band, Mission of Burma, in my humble little studio in Iwilei a few years ago. At the time, it didn't occur to me who he was, but when it finally clicked, it was completely stunning to me, because thousands of Mission of Burma fans around the world have been wondering where Martin is and what he has been doing, but apparantly he's been more reclusive than Salman Rushdie. It turns out he's living in Kaneohe, playing with computers and 3d graphics programs.

                5) Meeting the Dilated Peoples crew at thier show at Pipeline last year was really cool, too. DJ Babu is one of my favorite turntablists, so meeting him was neat (though heis a man of VERY few words). I have pictures of this somewhere, but ill have to dig em out...

                6) I was a production assistant on an Elle MacPhereson fitness video shoot, and not only did I get to stay within 24 inches of her for most of the day (I was a reflector and boom-mic boy), but saw her completely naked several times as she changed outfits on set. Apparantly Australians have no shame in regards to things like that

                7) For several years, I edited George "Granny Goose" Groves' TV show, so i've spent many hours sitting in a darkened room with him sitting behind me...he's a really funny (albeit corny) guy. It was surreal at me at first, because I grew up listening to his radio show (the KGU era show) and seeing him in Mike Salta ads...hanging out with him in person was initially very wierd. He's also the only real "celebrity" whose phone number I have programmed in my cellphone (and vice versa).

                8) Back to geek fandom, I met Randal Schwartz, one of the "Holy Trinity" of the Perl programming a dope, however, I never asked him to sign my copy of "Learning Perl"

                9) I had my 15 seconds of fame back in 2000 (IIRC?), when Steve Oedekerk, the guy who wrote the movies "Ace Ventura" and "Bruce Almighty", mentioned my name several times during his Keynote speech at the aforementioned Maui Writers Conference. I won't explain why he mentioned my name, because I want to keep up a bogus air of glamour about myself which does not in fact exist. :P

                10) I got to play a game of Tetris with the guy who INVENTED Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov. The guy who owns the rights to Tetris lives in Hawaii and runs his company out of the Manoa Innovation Center, so Alexy visits Hawaii often. He apparantly doesn't play his own game very much, because I (as well as my other colleagues who challenged him) beat him quite handily. Then again, he was probably just letting us win. But in any case, he is a REALLY nice guy. Not to mention really RICH. It's really refreshing to see someone with a loaded bank account be so humble and unassuming.
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                  Re: Have you meet someone famous?

                  I've met Agassi, Rafter, and Danny Couch


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                    Re: Have you met someone famous?

                    Ahhh, yeah and then some! Robert and Roland Caz, Amy and Willie K., Council Members Ann Kobayashi, Romy Cachola & Donovan DelaCruz, Mufi Hanneman (I saw him in the bank, and said "you're more handsome in person, he said, "that deserves a hug" everybody laughed and smiled. He is handsome and has charisma! ( Lucky, he didn't know I voted for Duke...he would have choked me instead!)

                    Continuing...Frank Fasi,Rolando Navarette,Ben Villaflor,men and women of our Armed Forces. Dalton Tanonaka. Haven't met the following but we've emailed each other over the past two years. Gov. Linda Lingle,Congressman Ed Case (The People's Congressman) and yes, even the President of the United States of America!

                    Out of all these Famous People...I talk to the most FAMOUS of all every night and throughtout the day, when I'm happy,blue,scared or just checking in with him...GOD!
                    Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
                    Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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                      Re: Have you met someone famous?

                      Ran into Kirk Hammett of Metallica at Diamond Head Market and Grill last week. He was apparently shopping for lunch on the market side. I've been told his wife is from here and he's been sighted in town frequently.


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                        Re: Have you met someone famous?

                        When I lived on Catalina Island off of L.A., I worked for Island Express Helicopter Service. I met, shook hands and spoke with Sylvester Stalone twice. First when he arrived on island and then when he left. That was cool but the best was when they were going to cancel "The birds of paradise" T.V. show, I went to the Diamond Head recording Studio and talked with Arlo Guthry (Alice's restaurant song) for a half an hour. Totally choice!
                        Life is either an adventure... or you're not doing it right!!!


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                          Re: Have you met someone famous?

                          Lauren Bacall in Hollywood, go figure. Tom Selleck at the Honolulu Zoo. Dated a couple of 98 Rock djs during the 80s.
                          But sheesh I see Henry Kapono nearly every day. Then there are those who THINK they're really something. I remember nearly getting run over by one of the Cazamero dudes (the one in the bandana all the time), coming out of his driveway at the Nauru Tower. I decided there his shit certainly does stink and am glad I've never spent a nickel listening to his schlock.
                          I'm sure I'll get nailed for that, but what do you expect, he wasn't appologetic about nearly running down a haole bitch pedestrian, LOL! I felt like I had a friggen target on me.
                          Aloha from Lavagal


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                            Re: Have you met someone famous?

                            Originally posted by lavagal
                            I decided there his shit certainly does stink and am glad I've never spent a nickel listening to his schlock.

                            just don't diss Shimabukuro. I learned da hahd way.


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                              Re: Have you met someone famous?

                              Been in an elevator alone with Beyonce Knowles twice in the last month and she was shy but nice the first time and flirted the second time.Her boyfriend Jay-Z has 2 penthouses in my mother's and sister's building and we all know him.Years ago Whitney Houston lived in the building so met her before she moved out and married Bobby Brown and the drugs.
                              Went to school with Alan Alda's daughters so met him once.A high school friend's father was seeing Dick Shawn's ex-wife and her daughter who also went to my school was dating Joey Travolta so met John at a party at their house.Another alumni was Brooke Shields and met her at a function.
                              My youngest sister was a contemporary art specialist at Christies auction house and met Sean Connery and Leonardo DiCaprio and Benicio Del Toro through her.
                              Have seen but not met many celebrities usually at airports or restaurants or on the streets of Manhattan.


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                                Re: Have you met someone famous?

                                Originally posted by kimo55
                                just don't diss Shimabukuro. I learned da hahd way.
                                Are you talking about Jake? Please tell more.