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Who's your favorite local comedian?

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    Re: Who's your favorite local comedian?

    Just found out that Kent Bowman passed away on December 20. Very sad to hear that news.

    Kent's album, "No Talk Stink", was probably my first exposure to comedy recordings. My auntie had an old copy of the LP and I used to listen to it repeatedly as a kid.

    He certainly paved the way for local comedy as we know it, from Rap to Andy to Frank and beyond.

    I strongly suggest you find a copy of his stuff and give it a listen if you haven't ever done so. Eh, what the heck, you should listen even if you heard it before. The next time I'm back in Hawaii, I'm going to see if my auntie still has that album.

    Rest in peace, Kent!

    The Honolulu Advertiser obit.


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      Re: Who's your favorite local comedian?

      I spend a lot of time on Facebook and created a page for Rap Reiplinger. So far, I am his only fan. I encourage those of you on Facebook to become a fan if you like him.

      I am certainly not qualified to be the admin for his page, so if you have a closer tie to the memory of Rap, then please let me know and I'll gladly pass the reins.

      I just thought that he deserved a page as he was a really big part of my childhood in Hawaii.