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Extras card from Consoildated Theatres

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  • Extras card from Consoildated Theatres

    A few weeks ago when paying for my ticket to Star Trek Into Darkness I was asked if I wanted to join their Extras program. They said it was free but I had to register the card that was given to me from the ticket office.

    So I accepted the card, registering the card wasn't that hard to do but so far I noticed that attending movies on Tuesday gets me in for $6 and $1 hot dogs, they may be smaller but just buying 2 or 3 of them is just as much to eat than their $4.75 hot dogs.

    In a nutshell for every $1 you spend at the ticket office and/or the concession stand earns you 1 point with a limit of earning 25 points a day. When you earn 50 points you get a popcorn (while the web site says 85 oz popcorn, I think it is a 8.5 oz popcorn, which is the small one), 100 points is value combo and 150 points is a free ticket.

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    Re: Extras card from Consoildated Theatres

    Consolidated is my favorite theater (Ward and Kahala), but a couple of months ago I was surprised to learn that a lot of my relatives and and friends favor Regal (enthusiastically), and they all pointed out the Tuesday $1.00 hot dog and $6.00 ticket. So it was no surprised when Consolidated came out with their Cinema Extra card, which targeted Regal's Tuesday specials.