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  • Interstellar

    A friend took me to the IMAX version of the movie Interstellar at the Dole Cannery on Sunday afternoon (11/9/14).

    Set in some unspecified future Earth is in trouble, dust storms are common, the preferred occupation is farming, however seven years before the events of the movie wheat has died out due to some sort of disease, okra just died out and corn seems to be okay for now but it too is starting to fail.

    One farmer who used to be a test pilot, his young daughter is experiencing weird stuff in her room, with some help from her dad they find a binary message in the room that are map coordinates, which in turn leads to an old NASA base, that is still functioning and is planning on making a mission to find other planets in other star systems. What they found is a wormhole close to Saturn. And just happen to be the NASA gang need an experienced pilot for the mission, they enlist the farmer's help for the mission.

    There is more to this movie and it helps to pay attention to stuff as the movie goes.

    This movie is a mixture of 2001: A Space Odyssey, minus the Dawn of Man sequence and with more dialogue with a little time spent going through the portal. Add to it parts of Star Wars, in terms of the robot sidekick.

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    Re: Interstellar

    Did you like it?
    But I'm disturbed! I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I GOT IT ALL! (George Costanza)


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      Re: Interstellar

      Same friend and I saw this movie a second time this morning at the Ward Theaters.

      This time around was trying to pay attention to stuff that we missed the last time.

      Some things I did notice that stuck me as strange:
      • Shots of the Endurance, it is either shown as a small object against the backdrop of various planets or a close up of a section of it. There was at least one short shot of it, but overall one doesn't get a feel of what this spaceship really looks like.
      • One of the Ranger shuttles leaving Earth requires a two stage rocket launch vehicle but from the two planets it visited didn't require any extra boosters when it lifted off.
      • The group before them had 12 members going to different places but only 3 sent messages, no mention on what happen to the other 9 members.
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