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    Saw the 2-D version of The Martian at the Ward Theater with a friend during a mid-day showing.

    The movie starts out with a group of astronauts exploring the surface on Mars, when a strong wind storm forces them to leave the surface to head back into space. One of the astronauts is hit by something and is thrown from the group. They couldn't find him, his suit communicator doesn't work and they had to leave since their escape craft is in danger from the wind storm.

    The rest of the movie is about that astronaut who is left behind, initially can't communicate to anyone because that thing that hit him was an antenna from their base and a rod from that antenna destroyed his suit communicator. He does things to survive and tries to figure out how to extend his stay or find a way to let the others know he is still alive.

    Other parts of the movie have scenes on Earth and on the ship that the Mars explorers are heading back to Earth.