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Independence Day: Resurgence

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  • Independence Day: Resurgence

    Saw the 2-D version of the movie Independence Day: Resurgence yesterday morning (6/25/16) with a friend at the Ward Theaters.

    This movie takes place 20 years after the events in the movie Independence Day, which was also released 20 years ago.

    The early part of this movie shows who survived the first movie and made it to this movie. There were a couple of characters who you have no idea what happened to them.

    In this movie Earth manages to be peace with itself during the last 20 years managing to setup a base on the moon and another base somewhere around Saturn using technology their have adapted from the aliens.

    Of course another group of aliens comes to Earth for round 2 and they are bigger, meaner and a little bit smarter than the first group.

    If you like movies with things blowing up or crashing down, supporting characters who provide comic relief and some plotholes on the side then this movie would fit the bill.