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  • Dunkirk

    Saw the IMAX version of Dunkirk at the Dole Theater with a friend. It was a mid-day showing in one their big theaters but it wasn't that crowded.

    The movie is about the evacuation of British and French soldiers from Dunkirk, France in 1940 (before the United States entered the war) that were trapped by the German Army.

    The movie is told from three major points of view and different lengths of time.

    The first major part is known as The Mole, which is the pier at Dunkirk and it spans a week in time.

    The second major part is known as the Air, which is about 3 RAF Spitfire planes that tries to protect the ships from German aircraft. This story spans 1 hour in time.

    The third major part is known as the Sea, which spans across 1 day in time and it is about a civilian yacht called the Moonstone with its owner, his son and I think a friend of the son as they make they way from England to Dunkirk.

    This movie requires one to pay attention while watching it, the Mole part was the hardest to keep track of the characters since the soldiers on the beach were kind of generic looking. The other two parts were kind of easy to follow.

    My friend and I do plan on seeing this movie again.

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    Re: Dunkirk

    My friend and I saw Dunkirk again at the Ward Theater on Sunday (8/13/17) afternoon with another friend who couldn't make the first showing.

    We did tell the other friend that the Air and Sea stories where easy to follow the characters. I also noticed that some scenes get repeated again from another viewpoint. For example during the early Air scenes the 3 Spitfires fly over a civilian yacht. Later on in the movie from the viewpoint of the occupants of the Moonstone (the civilian yacht) they see the 3 Spitfires over flying them.

    The second time around was easier to track the generic young British soldiers since there was some slight differences in the characters.

    I don't mind seeing it a 3rd time but I would go for the cheaper Tuesday night showing.


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      Re: Dunkirk

      Managed to see this movie via one of the Spectrum On Demand channels (I think it was from HBO) on Monday night (6/25/18).

      I was planning to run this movie as background noise while I do other things around the home but I was so engross in watching this movie I didn't do the stuff I was planning on doing.

      In any event one thing I did notice while watching it this time around was the character played by Cillian Murphy. This is the character that the yacht Moonstone found sitting on top of overturned ship, which we find out was sunk by an U-boat attack. This character also appeared in a scene in the aftermath of the sinking of the ship that Tommy, Gibson and Alex (the generic British soldiers) were on and floating in the water. The Cillian Murphy character is the person who told Tommy and Alex there is no more room on the row boat and they can swim back to shore since they have life jackets on. This is where Gibson is on the row boat and tosses a line to Tommy and Alex and they get towed by the row boat.

      Since the row boat is going back to shore I suspect that the Cillian Murphy character then boards a second ship which gets torpedoed and ends up on the overturned ship that is found by the Moonstone.