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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Watched Thor: Ragnarok with a friend at one of the small theaters in the Ward Theaters. Due to our last minute arrival we managed to get 2 seats on the first row of that small but crowded theater. This is the one with the reclining seats so we was able to watch the movie with no problems (neither of us mentioned the seat situation over dinner after the movie).

    The movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so it would help to have watched the first two Thor movies and the first two Avenger movies or be in company with someone who did.

    The movie is a mix of action, adventure, space opera and some elements of comedy thrown in either of in the form of humorous sayings or things not working to plan.

    In this movie Thor has to deal with saving his home planet of Asgard but other situations sort of delays him.