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    Re: Favorite movie?

    Based on my DVD collection I think I tend to re-watch either Air Force One or the The Hunt for Red October. But that pales in comparison to Stargate SG-1 only because an episode last 45 minutes which is good for passing the time.


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      Re: Favorite movie?

      My fave. Movie is : Camelot!.
      Now, that's a Classic & Timeless in it self!.

      They showed the movie, then they continue on making plays
      after plays, after plays etc...

      It's like the the energiser bunny, it never dies, it just keeps going &
      going & going....

      Seriously, it's a really good classical movie.

      Has any one seen any of it? the movie? the play(s)?

      I have!. Have seen different movies of it, & 2 different plays
      from the orginal one to the 2nd play that was made long time ago.

      I think they probably have made a 3rd one or so not to long ago.

      Well, that's my favorite. May God bless Richard Harris in heaven forever.

      Aloha. & Take Care.
      Aches & Pains
      (through out our lives) knows no time!!.


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        Re: Favorite movie?

        I remember watching this movie in the 60's but I haven't seen since then.


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          Re: Favorite movie?

          Return of the Jedi
          Empire Strikes Back
          Star Wars
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            Re: Favorite movie?

            Doh! How could I forget to mention, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, still the funniest film ever made.


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              Actors and Actresses Who Will Only Be Remembered for One Role (

              One character wonders.