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Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

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  • Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

    way to go you fucking idiots!!
    in alarming and distressing news traitor TX Gov. Abbott tested positive soon after a maskless meeting between the two seen embracing each other with smiles for miles. we know Abbott wasn't smiling at all upon the diagnosis and freaked out in fear, leaving glaring concerns for JLV's health and whether he may have been the spreader or possible contractor, neither are Spring chickens and if Jimmie is infected can he get the same extreme life-saving measures afforded politicians and talking heads, even assholes creating disinformation hysteria? we've needlessly lost too many great lives to this disastrous pandemic and we don't need any more, but clearly the worst is not behind us, hopefully Jimmie has taken every step necessary to protect himself and those he is near but that may be too hopeful after this frightening family picture.