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  • Deadliest Catch

    Is anyone out there as addicted to "Deadliest" as I am? I was in hog heaven
    yesterday as it was a mini-marathon. I cannot wait for the new season to start this month! Anyone have a favorite boat/captain? Sig seems to be the crowd favorite and I really like the Hillstrand's and Captain Phil Harris.

    It's on right now - commercial time. Back to the show!

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    Re: Deadliest Catch

    Mom and I love this. We can watch it all day even if it's the same repeat. I love the Cornelia Marie and Phil Harris, especially seeing him work with his sons. I was all excited when Harris was on Paula's Party on the Food Network. Everyone does seem to like Sig as well, he's a funny guy. I like the Maverick too, I think that's the one that had the husband and wife team running it and then the younger guy who used to work on deck. I like that crabby old man in the crew, too.
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      Re: Deadliest Catch

      I thought I was just about the only one in the state addicted to the show. I'm always rooting for Sig, his bro and the crew of the Northwestern. I, too, eagerly await the coming of the new season.
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        Re: Deadliest Catch

        49 million people watched last season so I just knew some of them had to
        be here!

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          Re: Deadliest Catch

          We love it when we catch it, which is tougher now with a toddler demanding equal (who am I kidding, *more*) time for "Yo Gabba Gabba" instead. In fact, I discovered the show two years ago when in the labor room waiting (and waiting) for her delivery. I was half-conscious and zoned out for hours during a "Catch" marathon. I'll never forget being revived from my stupor by the anaesthesiologist coming in and engaging us in a five minute discussion of the whole season while my wife just wanted her epidural!


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            Anybody been watching 'Dangerous Catch'?

            This series has Bering Sea crabbers doing their thing. The murderous weather/conditions and torturous work makes panties of us who've only done such work here in the islands. Their 2 weeks at sea is way more than 2 months here, and few can handle what we did.

            It's pretty funny too. One boat brought along a wrecked truck and attached it to another's trap line, so when the crew hauled up what should have been their last pot, HA


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              Re: Anybody been watching 'Dangerous Catch'?

              I think you mean Deadliest Catch.


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