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  • "Alcatraz" on FOX

    Currently watching Alcatraz. I missed the first half hour of the 2 hour initial airing.

    The series is about a bunch of Alcatraz prisoners who was in the prison in the 1960's are appearing in modern day San Francisco and they haven't aged a day from the 1960's.

    At this point it hasn't been said how those prisioners are doing it.

    So far the series has Sam Neill, Paraminder Nagra and Jorge Garica and it is made by Bad Robot Productions.

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    Re: "Alcatraz" on FOX

    After the 2nd episode (which was on the 2nd hour of the airing) reveals that the character played by Parminder Nagra appears in the 1960 and the present time lines.


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      Re: "Alcatraz" on FOX

      Great Film.
      BTW It took me about 2 years to decode the amazing files
      from the launches.
      Those tiny cams ,aiptek, and others are amazing,
      With Humble respect.


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        Re: "Alcatraz" on FOX

        With over 300+ inmates and guards, clearly they have ample bodies to continue the series for a while (using the one name per episode formula). Its rather ambitious to keep us along for the ride that long if they don't start at least giving us some hints of answers by the end of the season.

        That was something that Abrams "Lost" was good at...they got around to answering some of the questions (of course at the same time adding new ones), so they kept you engaged in that you were finding things out. I don't know if Alcatraz will have the legs if they think folks will wait 'til the end to get any resolution.

        Not to sound totally negative because I'm enjoying the ride so far...