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Snl 4-14-12

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  • Snl 4-14-12

    Oh my, I just watched a SNL episode in which Steven Spielberg was included! He was spoofing one of his old movies. It was great, but I was too smashed and too tired to remember all the details.

    Anyone recall?
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    Re: Snl 4-14-12

    It was the SNL Digital Short, another installment in the Laser Cats series. Samberg and Hader, as always, pitch their idea to Lorne Michaels, who says they are NOT doing another Laser Cats video. Spielberg shows up and says he directed this one, and makes a "Hitchcockian" cameo. What follows is an even lower-budget-than-usual Laser Cats story, in which an E.T. doll, named E.A.T. ("Extra-Awesome Terrestrial") proclaims a desire for peace, turning laser cats into normal cats.

    It's mostly a tribute to E.T., but other Spielberg films are paid brief tribute to. A German-accented villain recalls Raiders; his sidekick then yanks the heart out of a minion and he threatens a retaliation of "Jurassic" proportions. Samber (or Hader) says "We're gonna need a bigger cat." When E.A.T. summons a space ship to take him home, of course he plays the Close Encounters music on a toy piano. The German guy's face melts. Somewhere in between is a bubble-boy scene with E.A.T. on an operating table and two guys flying away on a bike, with E.A.T. in the handlebars basket.

    Kind of a funny, silly video. A highlight in an otherwise sub-par episode.
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