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  • "Coma" on A&E

    The A&E channel is airing Coma a two part miniseries starting today at 6pm HST, part 2 airs tomorrow at 6pm HST.

    According to Sunday Star Advertiser TV Guide, each part runs for just under 2 hours and will be aired three times on each day and later on in the week both parts will be air together (also part 2 airs tomorrow at around 4pm HST, just before the part 2 airing at 6pm).

    It is a remake of the 1978 movie, which in turn is based on a novel by Robin Cook.

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    Re: "Coma" on A&E

    Now that part one has aired three times today (I only caught the last viewing tonight), I guess the following characters might be the ones who are responsible for having patients becoming coma victims.

    Dr. Lindquist played by Geena Davis
    Dr. Stark played by James Woods
    Dr. Nelson played by Joe Morton
    Oren played by James Rebhorn (hospital admin type person)
    Dr. Hillside played by Richard Dreyfuss

    There seems to be another faction in this story that has some idea some kind of conspiracy is going on at the place where the coma victims are housed.

    What really is strange in this version is that one of the families of the coma victims got a very huge settlement in the tune of $400,000 from someplace.