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"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on The CW

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  • "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on The CW

    Was checking out The CW website and there were episodes of the series Whose Line Is It Anyway.

    I have only seen the first two episodes of the series so far, some things are the same, for instance Wayne, Colin and Ryan are there. The stage and audience areas look the same, the host is different who is Aisha Tyler and so far there is an additional guest who gets more time on stage than the 4th panel member.

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    Re: "Whose Line Is It Anyway" on The CW

    The new series started airing last fall, and they are near the end of the second series of episodes soon; 22 episodes total have aired to date.

    As of this week, they are airing the show on two nights - Mondays & Fridays, airing two episodes each night. It looks as if the first episode on Mondays will be a new one, with the other three airings being repeats. so if you've not been watching all along, you can catch up on other past episodes.

    In addition to regulars Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie & Ryan Styles, you will see some familiar players from the old show, such as Greg Proops & Jeff Davis. The rotating fourth panelist has included some wonderful new comics, while most shows have a "special guest," usually somebody from another CW show (but not always - there have been a number of athletes and other actors as well).

    I must admit, as much as I appreciated Drew Carey's hosting of the old series, I really like Aisha Tyler's interactions with the players much more.


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      Re: "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on The CW

      Been watching the episodes via The CW website (and using the Google Chrome web browser to view it).

      I like it when they do the Scenes from the Hat or Props. A couple of new ones are Sideway Scenes, where three of them (usually Ryan stays behind) go back stage, lie down on a red mat with black background things and act out a scene. The view from above is projected to the audience and it would seem that if need be the actors can walk on walls.

      Another new game is called What's in the Bag. This is where a couple of handbags from the audience is giving to a couple of players (normally Colin and Ryan) while they act out a scene with a third player (normally Wayne) taking out items from the handbag for props in the scene. In one episode during the 2013 season, Ryan takes out from the bag what he thinks is air fresher but it turns out it to be mace and he manages to spray a little of it on himself.