For the few past weeks while watching episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? via the The CW website, the viewing would break for commercials for various services and previews of a few CW series.

One of these series was something called The 100 which showed young adults fending for themselves in a forest setting against another group in the forest.

I didn't attempt to see this series until a day ago, mainly because I was still watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? (which I also finished watching all of the on-line episodes). Also checked out the Wikipedia's entry for The 100 which stated is about in the future a nuclear war wipes out all life on Earth but there are people on space stations that banded together to survive and after about 97 years the space station is in trouble.

Law on the space station is harsh, if you break the law no matter how small the crime gets you ejected into space, unless you are under 18 in which case you are locked up and when you reach 18, then you get ejected into space.

Since the space station is in really big trouble due to overcrowding and life support issues, they send down to the Earth, 100 teens (hence the series name The 100) to a) give the space station more time for the life support issues and b) to see if Earth is livable again, in which case they can send more people down.

However things on Earth is not that pleasant, most of the 100 teens are not team players some of them actually committed major crimes, there are mutated 2 faced deer, acid fog, big snakes in the water and glow in the dark butterflies (which haven't done anything bad yet after 3 episode airings). Also not to mention some kind of life form that walks upright and capable of throwing spears at one of the teens.

The series also has a story line about life on the space station as well.