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    Lately I have been watching the original Perry Mason series on MeTV, which is aired on Monday thru Friday at 11:30 pm HST and at 9:00 am HST. I do know that the morning airing is from a different season than the late night airing.

    Some episodes I remember when it was re-run on KGMB late night in the middle 1970's, but other episodes I haven't seen before.

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    Re: Perry Mason

    The one thing I can't understand about the series is if character, say person A, murders person B and blames the deed on person C, if I was person A I would be far away as possible from the legal proceedings if I knew Perry Mason was on the case.

    I could understand person A had to come to court if that person was called as a witness, however in one episode (from the first season), person A fakes his death such that he becomes person B. So what does person A does in this episode? He disguise himself and sits in the court gallery, only to be unmask by someone else.