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"The Orville" on Fox

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  • "The Orville" on Fox

    The Fox network started to air a scifi parody series called The Orville.

    The Orville is the name of the starship that the cast of characters travel in. The characters include the captain of this starship who for the past year was in funk because his wife slept with an alien. They got divorced and for some bizarre reason she is the first officer of The Orville.

    The helmsman is a very good friend of the captain but he too has his issues, while the navigator always needs to drink a soda while on duty.

    The security officer is from a high gravity world which gives her great strength and able to make long jumps. The second officer is a single sex species that uses the restroom once a year.

    It airs on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm (HST) on the Fox network.

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    Re: "The Orville" on Fox

    This series now airs on Thursday night at 8pm HST.


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      Re: "The Orville" on Fox

      My opinion is that I am surprised that it is still being broadcast. After making it through one episode, I decided I could spend my time on something funner, like preparing for the upcoming income taxes.
      Now run along and play, but don’t get into trouble.