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  • "Jack Ryan" on Prime Video

    In the middle of binge watching the first season of the series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan that is initially shown on Amazon's Prime Video, but I got mines from iTunes.

    For this series they just updated the character of Jack Ryan to today's view of events. At the start of the series he has been with the CIA for four years, after a tour of duty in Afghanistan and just about to start dating Cathy.

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    Re: "Jack Ryan" on Prime Video

    Just purchased the second season of this series from iTunes and I am currently binge watching it. So far I watched 5 episodes and hopefully I can watch the remaining 3 episodes today.

    For this season while the main action is taking place in Venezuela, there are other scenes in England and various places in the United States.

    There is also other sub-plots as well.

    Also noticed in the starting credits there are lot of Executive Producers on this series.