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    For the last couple of weeks I have been watching a TV series from the Australian Broadcast Company called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and no it is not due to my kind of new indoor TV antenna that is catching the signal from down under but rather it was purchased from iTunes for about $15 per series.

    The series takes place in Melbourne, Australia in the late 1920 and it is about a lady private detective named Phryne Fisher who solves murder cases that come her way.

    What makes this series interesting is the supporting cast of characters which includes her butler named Mr. Butler who always seem to have the right item in hand before Miss Fisher can ask for it, Dot her companion who helps her out on cases, Bert and Cec a couple of communist taxi drivers who help out whenever there is a need to go to a not so nice place (they are not bad, but rather they blend in more easily in such an environment, compared to the flashy dresser of Miss Fisher) and of course Detective Inspector Robinson and Constable Collins from the local police department who interacts cautiously with Miss Fisher and her group.

    I'm currently watching series 2 (out of 3 so far) and once in a while World War I gets mentioned. Miss Fisher was an ambulance driver in France during that time. Bert and Detective Inspector Robinson also served in France as well but I don't think any of them saw each other during that period.

    Anyway if you like TV series like Downton Abbey then this might be enjoyable assuming you don't mind the higher than normal body count per episode.