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    While trying to find a Horrible Commerical to add to that thread I ran across the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on the Comedy Channel which I think is slightly better at times than the US version. It's not to say that the US version is crap, it's okay and funny at times but it got to be kind of predictable where Ryan always does the weather, Wayne always does the sports, Colin is the main anchor and the fourth person is the whacky co-anchor whenever they did the newscast.
    USA version
    UK version
    Both are the same
    Don't watch it/No Opinion
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    Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Clive was a much better moderator than Drew. Clive had a dry wit and didn't try to upstage the players. Drew, on the other hand, laughed at his own jokes.


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      Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

      I actually like the U.S. team, though I am a fan of Drew anyway. I agree, they sometimes like themselves too much, and the good chemistry can sometimes veer into "inside joke" territory... but I still don't laugh harder at any other show. Wayne Brady is a genius. Colin Mochrie is probably my favorite. And Laura and Linda always have the best hair!


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        Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

        I liked the British version because I've always loved British humor (humour?). I thought Clive tried too hard to be the straight man and came off kind of stiff. But I think Wayne is crazy talented and I tune in just to hear him sing sometimes. Occasionally, if I happen to catch the British version, I find myself going "huh?" at some of the jokes.


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          Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

          I love WLiiA. I used to watch the British versions when it was on ... PBS, I think? Before it went to Comedy Central, and years before the American version. I was on a British kick for a while so got into all that British programming that was on PBS...anyway...because of that, I like the British version better, it's what I'm more familiar with, I guess. The American version...I didn't care for Drew joining in because he seemed to pale in comparison to the others, plus I'd think, [britishsnob]you'd never see Clive doing that[/britishsnob]. But then I read that Drew actually doesn't want to join in, but ABC said he had to, as part of airing the show. And they almost didn't have Colin (my favorite, too!) because ABC thought he was too old but Ryan wouldn't do it without Colin and Drew wouldn't do it without they relented, but had Colin dye his hair when it started turning white. Wayne is very talented, but at times, I think he's showcased too much. He tries too hard, I think. Much like I can't stand Gregg Hammer on 939 because he tries too hard vs Rory Wilde who is more natural. But boy can Wayne sing. And he looks like he's genuinely enjoying the experience, so that's always good as well. Some of the British ones sometimes look like they're so bored...or they can't be bothered...

          Anyway, they're both good, but I think I'd actually watch any show that just had Colin & Ryan in it. I just love the way they play off each other.


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            Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

            One thing I could never understand is why the American version keep on saying because the points don't matter.


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              Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

              I prefer the UK version because it seemed to have a larger variety of improv guests. The US version is funny, but seems to always have the same 3 or 4 people. Well, I mean, the UK version almost always had both Ryan and Colin, but the other two slots had constantly rotating guests. And I loved the British humor and guests like Tony Slattery, Josie Lawrence, etc.
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                Re: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

                pasted from other thread....
                I preferred the english one too, tho I dont think it was necessarily the host. I think the american one was missing a few things, plus the improvers were slightly different.
                The green screen thing they tried to do later was a flop too, as well as thank god youre here
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